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C&C Alternatives 2 Different Floor Plans


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Mar 7, 2012
Hi. I am new & in the process of bldg my cage. If u look @ my photos u will see the floor plans. Comments pls. Single lvl cage for now it will hold 2 g pigs.

48 x 90, wing an extra 36
[GuineaPigCages.com] 2 Different Floor Plans

The other floor plan for 2 pigs. 48x90 cage size.
[GuineaPigCages.com] 2 Different Floor Plans
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Your cage plans look good. Both plans are so spacious. I'm sure your pigs will thank you for it.

I like the L-shape one more than the other one. Only because the food are group closer to each other. You might want to move the litter box into the same area with the hay. You can make a separate coroplast tray and use disposable bedding in the feeding area (we call it the kitchen). Guinea pigs usually use the toilet where they eat. The rest of the cage can be fleece.

Just FYI, you won't need the automatic feeder. Each pig should have about 1/8 cups (2 tablespoons) pellets per day. If you use the automatic feeder for the pellets, it will give them too much pellets. While babies up to 6 months can have more pellets, they might not even eat that much if they are getting hay and veggies. Their main diet should be unlimited hay anyways. So save yourself some money on the feeder and buy a small ceramic dish for the pellets.
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