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2 Brand new piggies are very quiet


Cavy Slave
May 26, 2012
Hi just got my first 2 guinea pigs ever today. I built them a 4 grid by 2 grid c and c cage thanks to all of the cool picutres posted on this site. I just brought my piggies home and put them in it. They are extrememly quiet (as in not moving). One of the piggies ate a tiny piece of cucumber but the other one went into an edible tunnel as soon as I put her in the cage. She has not moved since (about 3 hours ago) and therefore has not eatten or drunk anything since she came home. Can anyone tell me if this is normal behaviour? I just want to make sure they don't get dehydrated or anything. In case it helps, I put a water bottle with a bowl of water under it just in case they don't know how to use the bottle, also I put in some hay, a slice of cucumber and some guinea pig chow. Any advise would be helpful! Thanks so much.
Yes completely normal. They are trying to get used to their new enviroment. Give them some time. They will come out to eat and drink when they need it. They are scared as they are in a new strange place Would love to see some pigtures!
That is totallly normal. For the first few days since I brought my pigs home from the rescue, they hardly ate or drank anything. They didn't poop much because of that, but you have to give them time. They will be very scared and nervous. However, you have to remember that they are prey animals, so they are naturally very nervous. To be moved into a completely different place with this strange, giant thing that keeps looming over their cage, watching them, would be scary.

One good thing to do is read to them. This will get them used to your voice, scent, and presence. I did that when I first got my pigs, and the really opened up to me.
I concur with the others, although I know how you feel because it scared me when my first guinea pig acting that way, too. It takes them a while to warm up to their surroundings and feel safe. It's frustrating in the beginning, but it makes it all the more delightful as you get to watch them come out of their shells, start exploring, and even begging and wheeking for goodies from you.
Thanks so much. My piggies started eatting and drinking! I was thrilled to learn that they already knew how to use a water bottle. They are just too cute and are having the best time trying to flip their sleeping igloo over to go in and out of it instead of using the door.
Aww.! My lilly does that she lifts it up to go in and out instead of the door! She likes to redecorate the cage. lol
Perfectly normal trait among rodents -- remember that in the wild they're prey. Like previously said, talk to them to get them used to you. Don't loom over them, speak to them at their level -- less threatening. For the first few days limit your time of putting your hands in the cage to just removing uneaten fresh fruits & veggies and replacing their food. Once their timidness begins to wane, you can start giving them favorite treats by hand... seeing if they approach you. It all takes time initially, but it's worth it in the long run.
When I first got mine they hid all day in their pigloo/igloo and seldom ate or did anything unless I took it out.. Don't stress them out yet! All you should be doing is filling their water bottle, sweeping, replacing hay and food, etc. Mine hardly hide anymore, they prefer to sleep outside their hiding places in the wide open. What I did was whenever I was around I took their pigloo out (which used to be their only hiding place, not the case anymore). At first they looked pretty scared and sort of cautiously walked around, but after a few times they played and had fun...but yet when I put the pigloo back-they went in and didn't come out. I replaced the pigloo with a cuddle cup with high sides so it looked like a hiding place with no roof, almost like hiding in tall grasses. That worked but mostly it was time that got them better, I interacted with them a lot. You will see a significant change in a few weeks when they get more used to their new cage. Hand feeding veggies is very effective! It is completely normal behavior! they will eat and drink when they need to.
As everyone has said, it's completely normal. After a day or two, you can start to pet them and get them used to you. One thing that helped my pigs warm up to me is singing. I know it sounds silly, but I sing to them all the time. And not well either. I screach and dance around, and they come out wheeking and sniffing for food. They recognize my voice very well, I can call to them from the kitchen " Do any pigs want VEGGIES?!" and I'm answered with WHEEEEEEEEEEEEK! they only do it with me. I've only had my pigs 6 weeks.
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