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  1. guineapigqueen

    UK Cubes and Connectors SUPPLIER!

    This link was posted on another forum but I thought I would post them here so the UK members can purchase these if they are desprate. I think Robert May is a bit cheaper. Containers, Boxes & Trays - Retail Display - Displaysense Offer ends today 02 Jan so these are the usual prices...
  2. guineapigqueen

    UK On offer/bargain buy thread!

    I saw some fleece with a waterproof lining in The 99p Shop the other day. I am not so sure if this store is only in Hartlepool. Also Home Bargins have grids for £9.99 for 12 grids, last time I visited but the grids are fine holes not the large holes, like most C&C cages are. Emma