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  1. CinnamonAndCoco

    C&C New Multi Cage Setup

    Wow your cage is amazing ! The play area is brilliant and I love the kind of natural look all the wood toys give to it :)
  2. CinnamonAndCoco

    Cage New Cage !

    Oh yeah , see my room is always frezing so we thought they'd be warmest here for the winter ! I have to piggie proof it a bit more because the girls sometimes nibble on it so we have to cover it up :L Thanks :)
  3. CinnamonAndCoco

    Cage New Cage !

    The pigs have a little bell in their cage so if im not up in time for breakfast they'll run around with it until I do :L
  4. CinnamonAndCoco

    Cage New Cage !

    The only thing is is that they sleep right beside me now and can get very noisey during the night ! And the other night Cinnamon tried to climb into bed withe me :') Cant wait to see your upgrade :)
  5. CinnamonAndCoco

    Cage New Cage !

    It takes up half my room and stretches around by bed :L thank you :)
  6. CinnamonAndCoco

    Cage New Cage !

    Hello all :) I just thought I'd show you all my new cage. My piggies have been in it a few days and they love it, and so do I !! :D the cage is made out of a run we got a while ago and its much more spacious and open than their last one :) its going to stay this way until the summer when I get...
  7. CinnamonAndCoco

    Size Floor time still needed ?

    Hello again :) A few weeks ago I made my piggies a much larger cage. Its made from a run and takes up half of my room. Do you think i should still give the pigs floor time ? They still dont like to be handled and i dont know if its worth stressing them out to go into a smaller enclosure for an...