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  1. CinnamonAndCoco

    Bonding Unhappy Piggies :(

    Unfortunatley theres no room in my house for them anymore :( But they are never together unless I'm there to watch over them.
  2. CinnamonAndCoco

    Bonding Unhappy Piggies :(

    Our shed is water proof and draft proof. We had it done up last winter for them. And we replaced the wire with some wood and the have fleece too :)
  3. CinnamonAndCoco

    Bonding Unhappy Piggies :(

    That was my plan :L
  4. CinnamonAndCoco

    Bonding Unhappy Piggies :(

    We got this really long rabbit hutch thats in my shed, and my other piggie is living in a two storey hutch alone
  5. CinnamonAndCoco

    Bonding Unhappy Piggies :(

    Hey all :) So a couple of weeks ago my three piggies had to be seperate because Cinnamon had mites. She's better now but the problem is her and Nutmeg just won't get along! The past week I tired letting all three of them out for floor time together. Most of the time they keep away from one...
  6. CinnamonAndCoco

    Rehoming My new Piggie :)

    Hi evreyone :) So I adopted my new piggie a few weeks ago and just last week she was introduced to Cinnamon and Coco :) They're all getting along great and having loads of fun :) My new piggies name is Nutmeg ans she is 5 months old being the youngest piggie in the herd :) Shes so sweet but...
  7. CinnamonAndCoco

    Exercise Floor time/ exercise time

    The best thing I can suggest is getting her a buddy. My first piggie was just like that but when I got her a friend they run around together all day. Piggies always are more confident when they have some buddies to play with :)
  8. CinnamonAndCoco

    Bonding New home!

    My piggies were like that too :) The best thing to do is let them get comfy for a week or 2. Dont pick them up or pet them just change their water, clean their cage etc.. After a while you can try hand feeding them veg when their comfy in your home. When hand feeding them veg start off with a...
  9. CinnamonAndCoco

    Nails/Nail Trimming Squirmy Piggies!

    I was wondering if anyone had some good tips for cutting a squirmy guinea pigs nails. I'm finding it difficult trying to do this because both of my pigs dont like handling. One of my pigs sometimes will nip me when I go for her feet. And its even more difficult because one of my piggies has 2...
  10. CinnamonAndCoco

    Quarantine When?

    Good Luck ! :)
  11. CinnamonAndCoco

    Quarantine When?

    2-3 weeks is the recomended time but after your vet visit it should be a very good time to introduce your piggies :)
  12. CinnamonAndCoco

    Pregnancy Just got pregnant sow... Very high risk!

    Well unfortunatley I have no experience with pregnant sows but i think what you've done is lovely :) Lots of people would be upset because you got her in a pet store but it sounds like she really needs a experienced home and to stop being breed :( I hope evreything works out though. Congrats :)
  13. CinnamonAndCoco

    Rehoming Urgent hep needed !

    Unfortunatly the only rescue I can get to is 4 hours away and we have no way there but Im trying to convince my mam.
  14. CinnamonAndCoco

    Rehoming Urgent hep needed !

    Hmm I think your right ! I'll have to talk to mam ... She thinks its better to buy from a pet store but theres a higher chance of those pigs being sick ! And my mum is being weird about it seeing as we got my two pigs of someone keeping them in a hamster cage ! :o thats why i love seeing them in...
  15. CinnamonAndCoco

    Rehoming Urgent hep needed !

    When I quarintine them can they be kept in the same room because i keep my pigs in the my room ... but I do have a new cage prepared for her seprately :)
  16. CinnamonAndCoco

    Rehoming Urgent hep needed !

    Hi guys :) So I'm thinking of getting a new pig off a woman who lives a few minutes away from me but my mums concerend. She is worried they could be unhealthy because we dont know this woman :sad: In the pictures she sent us the pigs look kinda dirty but seem happy enough :/ My mum is really...
  17. CinnamonAndCoco

    Bonding New piggie bond with another two ?? Urgent please help :/

    Hey all :):) So my little sister wants her own pig but she will be living with by other two pigs in my room. She'll just come in a give her a treat and pet her and name her and stuff :p I'm pretty excited about it now coz were getting her tomorrow. The new pig will be settling in in a...
  18. CinnamonAndCoco

    Weight How much should my pigs weigh?

    Hello all :) So today I was weighing my piggies and they both came out as around 650g ... i was told my pigs were born in October last year so they would be about 6 months old now ... So Im worried about how much they weigh .. Ive been told they should weigh between 90-100grams ? The only are...
  19. CinnamonAndCoco

    Frustrated Rant

    This so true ! My frustration is now on a picture Thanks :L :)
  20. CinnamonAndCoco

    Dominance Can female piggies be as dominant as boys ?

    Oh ok :) Thank you so much it makes way more sense now :)