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  1. NikkiPPanther

    Cage Self Cleaning Cage... Opinion Please

    I like the idea, but I just think it would not hurt to use 10mins of your time to sweep up the poops. I am concerend about the level of the cage, but yet I am confused with the design.
  2. NikkiPPanther

    Upper Levels Good C&C Cage For 2-3 Guinea Pigs?

    The upper level sq. footage does not count torward the amount of space in the acutal cage. For 3 guinea pigs the miniuim is 2x5 but I would recommed more.
  3. NikkiPPanther

    C&C What is the miniuim???

    Well they are pretty mich the same but the size...but yea I like that one too!
  4. NikkiPPanther

    C&C What is the miniuim???

    I GOT IT! A 3x9 cage with 2 2x3 lofts on both sides and a 1x9 skywalk connecting the 2 lofts. Or a 4x9 cage with 2 2x4 lofts on both sides and a 1x9 skywalk. Which one is better??
  5. NikkiPPanther

    C&C What is the miniuim???

    Yea my current ones are 3x7 for 3 and 3x8 for 4. I might join the cages because I have 2 cages with each gender. So 2 3x7, one with 3 boys the other with 3 girls. Also 2 3x8, one with 4 boys the other with 4 girls. I was thinking of conbineing the 2 cages so it would be even bigger.Or just take...
  6. NikkiPPanther

    C&C What is the miniuim???

    Thanks I might as well consider doing that. I have 4 cages now and it would take less time with 2. Anyway all my females and males get along with each other ( like the females with females...etc, I never mix the genders). Thanks.
  7. NikkiPPanther

    C&C What is the miniuim???

    Hi. I was thinking lately of putting all my girl guinea pigs in one cage and then all the boys in another. Each cage will have 7 guinea pigs in it. I need to know what is the smallest size C&C cage I can make. I will just use that for reference. I usally make a cage that is way bigger than it...
  8. NikkiPPanther

    Coroplast Coroplast in South NJ?

    Hi! My really good friend is planning to adopt two guinea pigs. I told her about C&C cages and she loves the idea. She has grids but she cannot find coroplast. I told her that they have coro on this website and she said her parents will do that only if they can't find a store that sells it or...
  9. NikkiPPanther

    Stands Stand Upgrade!

    That looks really good. Good luck!
  10. NikkiPPanther

    Cage Thinking of remodeling the upper level....need help!

    Hi guys I was thinking of remodeling my upper levels. Right now I have... 2 3x7 with 2 1x3 lofts on both sides 2 3x8 with 2 1x3 lofts on both sides The lofts are used as kitchens. I was thinking instead of 2 lofts I could connect the 2 with sorta a upside down U loft. So I would make a...
  11. NikkiPPanther

    Cage opinions on this idea for adding kitchen area

    All four of my guinea pig cages have two kitchens. They are very small but they do the job. I have 2 3x7 with lofts on both sides and 2 3x8 with lofts on The lofts are 1x3.
  12. NikkiPPanther

    C&C Will my cage be too big?

    blizNwally- your guinea pigs must be in heaven!!! They probably have so much fun!
  13. NikkiPPanther

    C&C Will my cage be too big?

    I have a 3x7 for 3 of my guinea pigs and a 3x8 for 4 of them.
  14. NikkiPPanther

    Size What kind of cage do you have????

    I have 2 3x7 and 2 3x8 with lofts on both ends. I have 14 guinea pigs.
  15. NikkiPPanther

    Which cage should I get???

    The coro is higher in the back so the guinea pigs cannot get to the un safe grids. Also when I had this cage they had no problem going up and down once I put the fleece on it.
  16. NikkiPPanther

    Which cage should I get???

    I got that cage before I knew I could build them myself. They didnt like the ramp because it was to slippery, so what I did was take a long piece of fleece and clip it to the sides of the ramp. They loved going up and down the ramp, and they didnt slide but yet they had to support.
  17. NikkiPPanther

    Size 2x4 with loft or 2x5 - which is better?

    I put fleece on my ramp. Most of my guinea pigs were afraid because they kept on slipping and so I put fleece on it and the dont slipt anymore but yet they have a good grip.
  18. NikkiPPanther

    Cage What do you have in your cage?

    I forgot about the litter boxes and brown paper bags tunnels. Im also tring to find mirrors.
  19. NikkiPPanther

    Cage What do you have in your cage?

    Hi I just wanted to know what you have in your cages. I have... 4 water bottles per cage 2 food bowls per cage 2 pigloos 2 other hideys( sleep tent, fish hidey,wood hidey, alligator hidey,fleece igloo etc.) 1 rainbow tunnel hammock 2 cuddle cups hay bins pin pong balls kababs plastic bell...
  20. NikkiPPanther

    Cage Fleece as flooring?

    I would go with fleece because it is easier to wash and may be less expensive. Also the urine wont sweep through the felt, in fleece it does and then goes to the towels and then the puppy pads.