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  1. CinnamonAndCoco

    Diet Chews?

    Well you can of course buy chews but my piggies seem to really enjoy natural wood alot more ! I usually just pick up a few stick from the garden and steep them in hot water for a bit so theres noting icky left on them ! My pigs dont really take to expensive chews :P Hope this helps :)
  2. CinnamonAndCoco

    Hay Meadow Hay

    I used to use meadow hay but its always filled with dust and my piggies were always sneezing and coughing plus they never ate it ! So i recently switched them burgess excel forage and they always eat it and never seem to sneeze ! Hope this helps :)
  3. CinnamonAndCoco

    Fruit Fruit allowances ??

    Ok so recently ive been looking up how often I should give my piggies fruit a week. But Im getting so much mixed information :confused: At the moment I give my piggies 1 portion of fruit evrey 3 days. I only have about 5 different vegetables and the they get two portions a day and I dont want to...