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  1. CinnamonAndCoco

    Happy Easter Piggie Lovers

    Hi Evreyone ! So today I did a Easter themed photo shoot with the pigs and I decided to share my favourite pics with all of you :) We all had loads of fun and the pigs have been really hyper since then :D And if anyone wanted me to edit a picture of your pigs for Easter I'd love to :) Just...
  2. CinnamonAndCoco

    Just for fun

    Oh thank you :') Im not too sure .. we were given her and her sister but we dont know much about them :L Evreyone i know always ask me about her because shes so many colours and her hair :P But thank you for noticing ! That really made my night knowing someone else loves her :)
  3. CinnamonAndCoco

    Am i going paranoid?!

    The back-2-nature seems to be the best for me :)
  4. CinnamonAndCoco

    Am i going paranoid?!

    i had that problem with smell too ... what I did was buy diffent bedding and put it in by their food. They only go toilet in there now and the bedding dosent smell at all ( its called back-2-nature :L ) Plus i clean out evreyday 3 days :) I think switching to an odour absorbing bedding could do...
  5. CinnamonAndCoco

    Just for fun

    Omg amazing idea ! Can you do theses ones of my piggies ? :)
  6. CinnamonAndCoco

    Am i going paranoid?!

    is there possibly a place upstairs for your piggies ? If there was then you could check on them easily :) I know how you feel though .. i was asked to move the piggies to my spare room but i was worried about them getting too cold or hot :L
  7. CinnamonAndCoco

    Sheesh. Uh, It's Been A While!

    Hey ! lol Well Im a new member and Im a bit obsessed to because I have tons of questions ! But welcome back and your piggies are gorgeous <3
  8. CinnamonAndCoco

    Curly Hair!!!

    Oh theres this thing my friend has i think is called a de-Frizzer you put it on the end of a hair dryer when your drying your hair :) It always works on hers :P Ive you've no idea what Im talking about I could send you a pic ! hope this helps :)