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  1. CinnamonAndCoco

    New: From the OC

    Congrats ! Owning a piggie is one of the best things you can do in my book :)
  2. CinnamonAndCoco

    hello :)

    Oh no :o Im so sorry for your loss :( I hope you and little Meg are ok x
  3. CinnamonAndCoco

    Hey evreyone :)

    Thats exactly how my piggys are ! Cinnamon will let me pet her but Coco wont :P They both always take vegies of me too :) Thank you for the lap time advice I just started with them today after letting them settle in thanks again ! :)
  4. CinnamonAndCoco

    Hi I'm new!

    Hello and welcome ! Post some pics of your piggies !
  5. CinnamonAndCoco

    guinea piggys

    Welcome to the site ! You should post pics of your piggies and post any questions that you need answer :)
  6. CinnamonAndCoco


    You should post some pics :) And welcome :)
  7. CinnamonAndCoco

    Hey evreyone :)

    Yes I noticed that if I put my hand over the cage they jump .. Thanks for the advice :)
  8. CinnamonAndCoco

    Hey evreyone :)

    Cinnamon is just such a great name ! :p Yea the food trick works with them .. I do it nearly evreyday and their really use to my voice coz when I talk they start wheeking :L I use to do the towel trick with cinnamon but people told me not to pick her up at all :confused: I think I'll try it with...
  9. CinnamonAndCoco

    Hey evreyone :)

    Hey evreyone ! Im new to this site ;) Anyway these are my pretty piggies Cinnamon and Coco ❤️ Their really funny 5 and a half month old sisters how ive had for about a month :) their really shy and skittish and wont let me handle them .. I would really appreciate it if you all could give me any...
  10. CinnamonAndCoco

    Nervous Piggies Please Help!

    Hi evreyone! So I have two 5 month old female piggies named cinnamon and coco. Cinnamon will sometimes let me pet her but coco will only come close to me if Im giving her veggies. I have tried giving them floor time but last time I tried to pick cinnamon up she sounded like she was purring but...