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  1. NikkiPPanther

    Diet What kind of food do you use??

    Same I dont know what I was hinking when I asked if I should switch foods.
  2. NikkiPPanther

    Diet What kind of food do you use??

    I used to buy Sweet Meadow hay and now since I use KM I mixed the rest of SM into the KM.
  3. NikkiPPanther

    Diet What kind of food do you use??

    Ok thank you!!! Im so glad my guinea pigs are on a very good diet.
  4. NikkiPPanther

    Diet What kind of food do you use??

    Well I have 14 guinea pigs and yes they have their own mini frigde full of veggies. I just asked because I was just wondering if Kleenmamas was ok.
  5. NikkiPPanther

    Diet What kind of food do you use??

    I was just wondering what kind of food you guys use to feed your guinea pigs?( pellets and hay) I use kleenmamas timothy hay based pellets and timothy hay. Do you think I should switch to somthing else and give my guiena pigs somthing new??? If so please tell me the name of it.:p
  6. NikkiPPanther

    Hay Kleenmamas

    Considering I have 14 guinea pigs I like to get the most hay possible but yet I dont want to spend to much money. I like to get enought hay and pellets to last about a couple monthes.
  7. NikkiPPanther

    Diet Daily diet for a cavy?

    Same here I have 14 guinea pigs and I like to keep it cheap. I have a mini fridge in my guinea pig room( it does not effect the room temperature) where I keep all the their veggies. I give each guinea pig about a cup a day. That includes mostly lettuce, carrots, and other veggies. About once a...
  8. NikkiPPanther

    Vegetables Favorite Vegie??

    Im so sorry I spelled so many things wrong...veggies, favorite...!!
  9. NikkiPPanther

    Vegetables Favorite Vegie??

    haha mine dont like most fruits exept apples and such
  10. NikkiPPanther

    Vegetables Favorite Vegie??

    What are your guinea pigs favorita food excluding pellets and hay. So what vegetable/fruit do they like the most. Mine all love lettuce and papaya!!:cheerful:
  11. NikkiPPanther

    Won't Eat New Guinea Pigs not Drinking?

    It is normal for new guinea pigs not to drink as long as you are giving them washed veggies they will get the water from them.Also are you putting vitamin C drops in their water? They might not like the taste.