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  1. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece My cage gets stinky really fast - what can I do?

    Have you tried wasking the cage out with water/vinegar solution.It kills bateria and smell. I also use 2 layers of towels and puppy pads.
  2. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece white fleece?

    I have white fleece with red snowflakes on it and you can tell there are stains that dont come off.
  3. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece Do Cavies like fleece?

    I used to use Carefresh and my guinea pigs sneezed all the time. Once I heard about using fleece I bought so much and they loved it. Also using fleece is cheaper because you can have 2 of them and use them over and over. While bedding( carefresh, aspen) you have to buy it consantly. Fleece also...
  4. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece How much fleece do you own??

    My guinea pigs love getting new fleece and I love it too. Also I have alot because it takes my mom forever to wash them.
  5. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece How much fleece do you own??

    I have turtles, fish, whales, hearts, cars, dinosaurs, camo, tie-dye, peace signs,pink, blue, purple, green, polka dots, butterflies, flowers, zoo, plaid, crabs, soccer, rainbow unicorn, ducks, and pawprints. Right now I am using the dinosaurs, soccer, butterflies, and flowers. For the lofts...
  6. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece How much fleece do you own??

    Since I have 14 guinea pigs, it is easier to use fleece than any other bedding. I have about 12 fleeces for the girls and 12 for the boys( I am not positive. I also have extra just in case some rip)I have this many because 4 big cages and some of the fleeces are not fitted to suit my cages( some...
  7. NikkiPPanther

    Cleaning Mites and Fleece

    I dont think that would hurt the guinea pigs if you rinse it off before putting it into thier cage.
  8. NikkiPPanther

    Puppy Pads Questions for those who use puppy pads

    I get my puppy pads from Target( 48 pack) or any store that has a pet section. I even went to the Dollar General and there was a 12 pack. I am in NJ now.
  9. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece Fleece Types and Debates

    Some of my fleeces do have that,but my guinea pigs dont mind it. I do watch my guinea pigs if they are chewing on the tread, other than that I think it is perfectly fine, you just have to watch if they are chewing on it .
  10. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece Do I have enough

    They are not treats,they are 100% natural chews and they come in different designs.
  11. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece Do I have enough

    I dont buy the treats i buy the natural 100% edible chews.
  12. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece Do I have enough

    Well, first you put a layer of newpaper or the matress pads, then a layer of towel then the fleece.Try to make every layer very straight and neat as possible beacause first it looks better and second it gets annoying to you and your GPs.Having alot of toys and hide outs is very good so they dont...
  13. NikkiPPanther

    Fleece Fleece Types and Debates

    I got my fleece at a local fabric store and it is called blizzard no-sew fleece.(it works perfectly)
  14. NikkiPPanther

    Bedding What is the best, in your opinion, for bedding?

    I use fleece everywhere in my cage but the kitchen areas that has a bit of carefresh.