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  1. guineapigqueen

    Hi I'm New!

    So do you want me to leave? i have read the 'So-called Responsible Breeder' link. I think that I am a responsible breeder. I know this sounds contriversal but I do take in un-wanted guinea pigs. I would never see a guinea pig hurt or mistreated.
  2. guineapigqueen

    Hi I'm New!

    Within the UK we have the British Cavy Council and they set all the rules of what the guineas are housed in during the show and standards of each other etc etc. I have never had any problems with the size of the shows I have visited. I just thing that they will be in that cage for no more than...
  3. guineapigqueen

    What is this?

    this is a link to a website with all herbs and pictures maybe it will be on there https://magdalin.com/herbal/ or if not u can just look up herbs.
  4. guineapigqueen

    Hi I'm New!

    I live in the North East Of England, Near Newcastle, well about 1 hours drive from there.
  5. guineapigqueen

    Hi I'm New!

    I breed and show my guinea pigs but like you said I am deicated to the welfare of my guinea pigs. Because I have a large number of guinea pigs does not mean that I mistreat them or do not handle them as much as having a few. Each guinea pig of mine are handled and non of them are wild, they are...
  6. guineapigqueen

    Hi I'm New!

    Hello My name is Emma Louise Pattinson and I live in the UK. I have around 36 guinea pigs, 2 chinchillas, 4 mice, 5 hamsters, 2 gerbils, 2 rabbits and fish(tropical and marine). I just thought I would say hello! Emma x