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  1. Cogni

    Vegetables Am I Feeding Too Many??

    My piggies' vet is an exotics specialist. She keeps well up on the literature and has helped save my pig Tufty's life twice when he was nearly a goner. She knows more about cavy care than any non-specialist veterinarian OR vet tech who learned about cavies from non-specialist practitioners. She...
  2. Cogni

    Hay Cow hay?

    I thought that hay for piggies could be yellow or yellowish as well as green, but I learned that piggies need green hay, which is fresher and thus contains much more nutrition. I have no experience with farms but I have seen lots of bales of yellow hay when driving through agricultural areas...
  3. Cogni

    Diet Is this true?! Are piggies omnivores?

    I think the person writing that article is completely off-base. He or she wrote: "In their natural habitat guinea pigs eat a range of grasses, seeds, weeds, bugs, grubs and fruit. Guinea pigs are often mistaken as herbivores, but they are omnivores and do need...
  4. Cogni

    Diet Is this true?! Are piggies omnivores?

    Wild cavies are not the same species as cavia porcellus, the domesticated guinea pig. Our domesticated piggies are healthiest on an herbivore diet, although I imagine if they were starving and had no plant food they might go for bugs. Even a non-starving adventurous piggie might try a bug. I...
  5. Cogni

    Hay Hooray for Hay !

    Wow I wish I could get fresh green local hay for what some of you pay!! Duffin's free bale is amazing! I bought Kleen Mama's third cut this year but it was at least half brown, and the pigs turned up their little roman noses at it. So then I got her second cut and it was very nice, although...
  6. Cogni

    How Much? How much Hay do piggies eat per day?

    A 45 lb. box of high-quality hay lasts me for 3-4 months. If the hay has a lot of brown strands in it I end up throwing a lot more out. I throw away a fair amount anyway because they soil it; but they also eat an amazing amount of it. My 2 pigs have hay baskets that they graze on and in, with...
  7. Cogni

    Pellets Switching to healthier pellets from former ones

    I agree with Pinky. It doesn't hurt to go cold turkey on junk food. Veggies are different as they have extremely different chemical make-up, water content, etc., and a lot of a new veggie could cause a tummie upset. The piggies may take a while to eat the new pellets, but that won't hurt them...
  8. Cogni

    How Much? Pellets + Food Hogging? questions

    I've seen guinea pigs smaller than mine that I think are obese--their belly is large, extends horizontally and hangs a bit. My boys are 1435 and 1340 grams--but they are long head to rump, and their bellies don't hang. My vet said my boys are not overweight for their size, but to make sure they...
  9. Cogni

    How Much? Pellets + Food Hogging? questions

    That is great that your piggies have started popcorning! It shows they are content.
  10. Cogni

    Vegetables Siomak and Kenikir for Piggies? (with pics)

    I'm almost certain that siomak is a variety of lettuce. I've seen it in the Chinese markets but I don't read Chinese so I don't know its name in Chinese. But I have bought it and it looks like a small variety closely related to romaine but without a very pronounced head; it grows in a cluster...
  11. Cogni

    Fresh Food Fresh Veggies v.s protozoa in their stomach

    That's how I would do it. If washing large quantities for immediate use, I will often dunk them in a basin of cold water, repeatedly dunking them (this helps for vegetables with a lot of sand or dirt, like spinach), and THEN I wash them as normal, under a cold tap, rinsing each leaf well and...
  12. Cogni

    How Much? Fresh Grass- How much is ok?

    By the way, about dandelion leaves (dandelion greens), on Ly's chart they are listed as possible to feed 2-4 times a week. I sometimes get a bunch from the market when they are not too pricey. The young greens are fashionable among foodies, and they look beautiful in a salad, but I find them too...
  13. Cogni

    How Much? Fresh Grass- How much is ok?

    I started with handfuls for a few days but after about 3 days it was more like a cereal bowlful, each. They ate just about every blade. I am afraid I did not know about bloat and its dangers then. Before a week was out they had a big colander-full for both together, all I could cut in one...
  14. Cogni

    Hay KM box arrived today crushed

    I agree with the above posters. The customer service of KM hayloft is excellent in my opinion. Don't ask while 'mad'; you'll get a good response if you ask for help rather than complain.
  15. Cogni

    Diet Sunflower seedlings ok to feed?

    Thanks Ly. I'd rather be safe than sorry so I won't risk it. I read on one site that the flowers are poisonous to humans even though the seeds aren't. Who knows what substances are created in the stems and leaves during growth. My piggies are pretty cautious about what they try but fresh...
  16. Cogni

    Diet Sunflower seedlings ok to feed?

    Does anyone know if sunflower seedlings are ok to feed piggies? I sowed some sunflower seeds in a pot and now I have dwarf sunflower seedlings 3-4 inches tall. I am going to thin them and repot and try to get them to flower inside if I can. I'd like to give the pigs the spare seedlings, if...
  17. Cogni

    Hay KM Hay & Pellets - How much to order for two GPs

    I got 45lb of KM's second cut because of the problems with this year's 3rd cut crop that KM's owner reported on her site (she was very upfront). But then later when I needed to get pellets, I thought I'd sample the 3rd cut and got 15lbs. Above posters are right: this year the 2nd cut is way...
  18. Cogni

    Hay KM Hay & Pellets - How much to order for two GPs

    If you total up what you pay for the same amount of hay from a pet store, I think the KM hay is a better deal. From a pet store you get smaller quantities and the shipping is included in the price, plus you have the retail markup for all their store overhead (and shareholders, since most pet...
  19. Cogni

    Hay Fiber in hay affecting poop?

    Oh! I am so photo-challenged! I got some pics recently, not of the buffalo but of them in their current cage set up, but I haven't even gotten them into my computer let alone figured out how to upload them! I seem to have some antagonism to both cameras and phones--or they to me!
  20. Cogni

    Hay Fiber in hay affecting poop?

    Yes, they are something like cute tiny sheep. It amuses me also to think of them sometimes as itty bitty buffaloes. Mine are abyssinians so they have little manes or crests on their heads, with hair flopping over their foreheads, and fluffing around their cheeks, like buffaloes. They are also...