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  1. amptondooz

    Where do you get furniture?

    I know some of you have sofas or chairs for your guinea pigs cages, but where do you get them?
  2. amptondooz

    UK Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Will the mesh cubes be strong enough to make another level on my cage?
  3. amptondooz

    My guinea pig has a new cage

    Re: my guinea pig has a new cage Neither can I...
  4. amptondooz

    See animals in Africa! (Seriously!)

    Aaw, there are loads of deer type animals!
  5. amptondooz

    Growing Cilantro & Chives Indoors.

    Where do you keep the plants? The best place is a windowsill where they can get sunlight, but won't burn in the sun. Also, if you're scared about them getting burnt, give then some sun screen and they'll have no chance of sunburn!
  6. amptondooz

    Finished Cage+Pigtures!

    That's really cool! I love the white cubes. We tried to get some but we could only get silver ones.
  7. amptondooz

    I'm going to Breed my Pigs!

    I saw it yesterday, but no-one had posted yet. I don't like posting when no-one else has yet!
  8. amptondooz

    What did you do on april fools?

    I didn't do anything, I couldn't really think of anything!
  9. amptondooz

    Clean Freak?

    Piggersrule: To save time from sweeping, have you tried a handheld vacuum? They're so much easier, if you get a good enough one.
  10. amptondooz

    Veg*n How long have YOU been vegetarian/vegan?

    Wow, I posted on the first page! That was a long time ago. Let's see, July 26... 249 days.
  11. amptondooz

    Goodbye, Henry

    Yesterday, Henry died. He's the guinea pig in my picture. I miss him a lot, but I haven't really cried yet. I think I'm just in shock RIP Henry
  12. amptondooz

    Nightmare I had last night...

    I once had a dream my guinea pig turned pink. I think he had been skinned (in my dream).
  13. amptondooz

    Pictures of you!

    Here's one I didn't mean to take. It was when I first got my laptop and was didn't know how to use the webcam very well. Then I clicked a button and then a picture of me flew up!
  14. amptondooz

    I'm back, but with sad news

    Some of you might remember me, but I decided to come back to the forum after my guinea pig died yesterday. He was getting old, though, he wasn't ill. It was Henry, and Teaser is really missing him. I'm getting a new one soon to keep Teaser company, from the same rescue we got Teaser from.
  15. amptondooz

    Heehee! Check this out!

    Yeah, some cruel, sick joke. Why would you do that to us, Sal, why?
  16. amptondooz

    Heehee! Check this out!

    I don't know where to post this, but I had a bit of a giggle finding this post by Salana on Guinealynx! 7/10/2004, 1:31 am: omg y all teh hostility?!?! Sorry about this, but I just think that it's funny our beautiful speller has a chat speak history!
  17. amptondooz

    The weather

    Here in North East England it says expect blizzards next week. I hope it's true, I want to miss school!
  18. amptondooz

    Your awsome piggy...

    Mine poops for England!
  19. amptondooz

    Great cavy video!

    Yeah, I really like that thread too
  20. amptondooz

    Sad cage on YouTube

    It looks like he can't even lie down very well! This cage is tiny aswell: YouTube - Guinea pig fun