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  1. kimclifford10

    Behavior Why do piggies poof up when eating veggies?

    I've wondered this for years, I'm hoping that maybe some of you on here have the answer! I used to think that it could have to do with feeding cold veggies, but after some experimenting I discovered that they seem to do it even when veggies are at room temperature. Here's a picture of Houdini...
  2. kimclifford10

    Diarrhea Mucus in poop - otherwise normal piggy

    I was holding my guinea pig, Peanut, today and noticed that she passed a pile of droppings that looked like this: Several of them have a clear/light brown mucus in them, and all the other ones have a thin slimy coating. She also seems to be a little gassy, but is otherwise acting completely...