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  1. pigluvinARK

    ~Wanting to Adopt a Guinea Pig~

    I have four males. They will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. We had an accidental litter before our male was fixed. We were going to keep any females, but she ended up with all males. Let me know and I will try to post a few pics of them. Hope your search goes well.
  2. pigluvinARK

    Popcorning What silly things do your piggie's popcorn over?

    Luke popcorns when I play certain types of music. And they all popcorn over a clean cage, food, and veggies!
  3. pigluvinARK

    ? Pregnant?

    I would weigh her weekly. Watch for lots of weight gain. I'm no expert on pregnancy. I have one who is pregnant now. I weigh her weekly and she gains every week. Hopefully someone else who is more experienced will post soon. Good luck.
  4. pigluvinARK

    Fleece Can I put Fleece in this cage?

    I use fleece in the pet store cages when I have to use them. Trips or quarentine times. I put down a towl and a piece of fleece and change it when needed. So you should be fine.
  5. pigluvinARK

    Pigloo alternative?

    I have those turned right side up and zip tied to the of the cage as a bed. Luke and Layla love them!
  6. pigluvinARK

    The wonders of shedding

    Thank you all for your kind words. It is harder to keep the piggies away from my face than I thought. They are very persistant! But when I have the patch on Luke runs from me. He acts like he don't know me! It is actually kinda cute. But I feel alot better today.
  7. pigluvinARK

    The wonders of shedding

    Well the doctor said my eye is looking better but I still have to wear sunglasses and eye patch until my eye is completely better. He also said not to have the piggies right up near my face. But it is alot better today then it was yesterday. So all is good. Hope everyone has a good evening.
  8. pigluvinARK

    The wonders of shedding

    Just thought I would share a little on the wonders of guinea pig shedding. I thought I had pink eye. So to keep our son from catching it I went straight to the ER. When I got there, the ever so nice doctor started washing my eye out. Then he tells me that it isn't pink eye. That in fact I had...
  9. pigluvinARK

    Puppy Pads Does Anyone Have Any Experience With Incontinence Pads In Cages?

    I use doggie training pads in the bigger piggies kitchen area. I put them down, then kitchen towels X2 and then fleece. But I change it out twice a week. Hope this helps.
  10. pigluvinARK


    Not a problem! I think it is wrong to throw it in our faces that they are breeding. I know some people mess up and buy one out of not knowing. I know I did with one. But I try to adopt. And breeding is just wrong. We had an accidental pregnancy, but we would never breed on purpose. Starting to...
  11. pigluvinARK


    That is one way to upset the entire site! This is a rescue friendly site. Discussing breeding and showing is highly frowned on. Just thought I would let you know.
  12. pigluvinARK

    How many animals do you have?

    Currently we have: 4 dogs (2 chihuahua's and 2 pit bulls) 1 spoiled cat 2 horses 4 guinea pigs (soon to be a few additions due to pregnancy) And we are looking into adopting another chihuahua or pit to add to our family. This is actually pretty good, we usually have tons more animals. My...
  13. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    Thank you both for the wonderful comments. He finally talked to me a little this evening while I was holding him and giving him his meds. And he cuddled my neck. So maybe he wont stay mad to long. Yeah it seems like if it can go wrong it has. HaHa. Layla was supposed to be a male when I got...
  14. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    Just thought I would let ya'll know that Luke had his surgery today. He is home. But he is completly mad at me. He refuses to talk to me. And when I try to talk to him he looks away. Hopefully he wont stay mad at me for to long. They gave me Metacam for pain for the next few days, and Sulfatrim...
  15. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    I have a few questions about after Luke's neutering. Do I need to put him in a quarantine cage for a few days to help keep him from over doing it? And if so for how many days till he can be put back in his original cage next to Layla? I am figuring on waiting at least 3 weeks before putting him...
  16. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    I have been cramming up on neutering so yes we are planning on keeping him separate for at least 4 weeks. So he has another 5 weeks before him and Layla can live together. As far as the others go, we were watching the whole time they were in the pen. Tootsie was the only one that he mounted...
  17. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    I didn't know what I was looking for to be honest. I am a very new cavy owner. I didn't know that all it took was one second of action for one to get pregnant. But I wont apologize for my outlook on the previous owner. I seen another post that they had made a week ago looking for a guinea pig...
  18. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    I had them both to the vet a few weeks ago. The vet said that both "girls" looked really good. She said at the time that she didn't think they were pregnant. But at the time we thought that maybe they came to me that way. So now I know that it was my mess-up. But I did check the other female...
  19. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    That is what I was afraid of. I have a vet that is about 30 miles away. I am going to talk to her Friday when I take Luke in. I feel awful. I never meant for this to happen. Is there anything I need to do for her in the meantime? Food, supplements, or anything else? She is living with a female...
  20. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    Sorry power went off but I will load pics now.