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  1. Melissa123

    Conditions Possible Neurological Issues!

    I recently took in 2 foster pigs to help a friend out. One of them has some serious neurological issues it seems like. When she was younger she battled a ear infection that was not treated in time, and that left her with a head tilt. She is about 2 years old now. I am beginning to think there...
  2. Melissa123

    Chins Chinchilla Neuter!~

    Does anyone here have any experience with neutering their male chinchillas? My 2 baby boys are due to be neutered on August 15th. They will be 12 weeks and some days. My vet is very savvy and has down this before. That part I am not worried about. I've had guinea pigs neutered by her as well...
  3. Melissa123

    Ohio- Anyone willing to adopt some piglets?

    I am in the process of making ad's for them. I lost my soul pig, Guinness last month. Then I lost my other boy, Wrigley a week later. My heart left with them. I miss those piggy kisses and how they always knew how to comfort me. I am trying to bond with my remaining pigs, but each time I do so...
  4. Melissa123

    Long time no see... Update!

    Well, it's been forever since I've made a post. It's been quite crazy here with my husband being on medical leave due to his back. He will be getting his back surgery on Wednesday, thankfully. Due to having money issues, we had to rehome quite a few of our piglets. I miss them very much, but I...
  5. Melissa123

    Animal Rights The Ugly Truth of UGGs Shoes.

    http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/advisor/uggs-uggly-reputation-214515845.html This is a must read. Please watch the video as well. Horrible. I am so glad I have never owned a pair. This is just sad and makes my stomach turn.
  6. Melissa123

    Gone But Never Forgotten Guinea

    Miss you so incredibly much, Guinea. But I am happy you are no longer in pain. You are now enjoying unlimited veggies and fresh grass with all the ladies you want. <3 <3 <3 You were such a special piggy and you will be missed greatly. Gone but never forgotten.
  7. Melissa123

    Sick Guinea's Teeth and Stomach Issues

    I took my Guinea into the vet on the 5th as I noticed he was losing weight (100 grams). The vet felt a large lump in his stomach and did an x-ray. She found that he had somehow swallowed a few small pieces of metal or bone. He was/is on Cisapride to try and help get things going again. She also...
  8. Melissa123

    Rescue Skinny Pigs for Adoption in Col. Ohio

    I rescued these guys today. They are very underweight and do need some TLC. I will be fostering them for a few weeks then adopting them out. I really want to find them a wonderful, loving FOREVER home(s). The person was in a hurry to get rid of them and when asked if I would reconsidering...
  9. Melissa123

    Heart Issues New piggy has heart failure

    I just took in 3 new piggies last night. I noticed right off the bat that the American (can't pick a name yet!!) has a clicking and popping sound every time I pick her up. She doesn't seem to do it when she is in her cage. We had a vet appointment today and we decided to do the x-ray. Sure...
  10. Melissa123

    C&C Help with building stacked cages

    I will be adding a few new piggies to my herd (or pig room should I say!). I would like to build a stacked 2x5 with 2 individual cages with a 1 grid high stand underneath for storage. I've been looking at pictures and think I have an idea of how to do it. My main concern is ease of cleaning...
  11. Melissa123

    Rabbits Opinions on rabbit pellets needed. :)

    My bunnies are only 3 months old at the moment so I do have some time before they will need to be on a timothy based pellets. I just want to prepare for that time. Looking at Oxbow and KMS as they are the only quality brand I can find that actually has a timothy based pellet. Thoughts...
  12. Melissa123

    Treats POLL: Thoughts on feeding rasins?

    Recently, I heard someone say that they feed raisins once a month to their pigs. I realize it can be fed very limited but I just don't understand why anyone would want to feed it. There is far too much sugar and preservatives in them to hold any benefit to a pig. Just because they love a...
  13. Melissa123

    Rabbits Added 2 rabbits to my herd! :D

    While we were looking around for bunnies we stumbled across a person selling "meat rabbits". They had pictures and once we saw our girls we knew we had to take them home! They are about 3 months old and both female. One is very friendly, then other is so timid. I have a...
  14. Melissa123

    Pregnancy Ginger's Thread- Possibly Pregnant

    Sadly one of my unaltered boars (Riley!!) got into my trio (altered boar and 2 females) cage on September 5th. He must have jumped over there to get to the girls. Out of all of my boars I've never had any issues like this. Since then I have taken all the necessary precautions to make sure this...
  15. Melissa123

    Medications Life Line- Wonderful supplement that not everyone knows of!

    As some of you may know, I also have chinchillas. Upon researching for supplements to give them I found this (thanks to Paula ! ) I have been using it for my bloat piggy, Guinness as he is becoming bloated once again. He has been on it for only 2 days and it seems to be doing miracles on his...
  16. Melissa123

    Kittens with cages pets/ Declawing Alternative

    Hey all! Hubby has been wanting a kitten and I finally broke down and agreed. We found one on craigslist and she is such a cutie! She is only 14 weeks old, up to date on shots, and is getting spayed today. She is coming to our home in a few days. I don't believe in getting cats declawed so...
  17. Melissa123

    Chins Anyone in Ohio: Help these chinchillas please!

    http://dayton.craigslist.org/grd/4083485211.html A breeder is selling his breeding pairs. I have contacted every rescue I can think of but so far no one has replied back to me. Is there anyone who is willing to take these chinchillas and foster them? I could possible foster a few of them but...
  18. Melissa123

    Rest In Peace Riley <3

    I wasn't sure if I wanted to share Riley's death with you all. It has been a horrible week at this household. Riley passed away one week ago today. He was 4 months young and such a wonderful, cute piggy. His death was horrible and I wish I could go back in time to right the wrongs. Saturday...
  19. Melissa123

    Injury Swollen leg and paw!

    Hey all! As I was doing my full cage cleanings this morning I noticed Wrigley limping. I picked him up right away and saw that his front leg and paw was swollen. He also has a few nips on his nose area so I am guessing this leg injury was because he was running away from a fight with his...
  20. Melissa123

    Abscess Gizmo's Neuter abscess: Baytril OR Bactrim?

    Gizmo had his neuter 3 weeks ago on Monday. He was put on Bactrim for 2 weeks and did well on it. About 4 days after he finished his med his abscesses developed. One was HUGE and one small. Yesterday he went in to get them drained and flushed while he was under. My normal vet is on vacation...