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  1. xguineapigrulez

    Ok.... I am so mad!

    Since the sun flower seed incident with my cousin, Ginny is starting to be scared of me :grumpy:! Thanks to my cousin... I think she's been secretly playing with Ginny and handling her roughly. Too bad Ginny's room doesn't have a lock!! :mad:
  2. xguineapigrulez

    Is there something wrong?

    I am a little worried over Ginny... Sometimes when I catch her lazing about, she chatters her teeth and wipes her mouth with her paw. I am sure it isn't malloccussion as she gets a cup of vegetables and a fresh supply of timothy hay every day. Could she be choking on something? :(
  3. xguineapigrulez

    How long does it take to tame a guinea pig?

    I have been trying to tame Ginny for at least a week now :ashamed:. I have got up to the stage where she will accept me stroking her on her head and she will take food from me, but when I try to pick her up, she runs back into her house. I know it is a matter of patience (which I do not have...