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  1. CuteFluffyThing

    Cavy kids pulling out hair of parents

    My problem is already explained in the thread title . We always have this problem but when they get like one month old they stop doing it , does anyone have an idea to styop them from pulling out the hair of their parents ( they dont do it alot) ps : yes i feed them enough , the vet told it...
  2. CuteFluffyThing

    Piggies children becoming grown up and need adoption in Hamme-dendermonde

    We have a piggy family with four children now and they're getting big . We are going to keep the children till the next nest is born and then we are going to give them to a family who has all kinds of animals : hamsters, Gp's,...birds... and they take good care of them all , but i am lookin g a...
  3. CuteFluffyThing

    wooden pigboxes!

    Here's an easy way to make a large home for your GP (like the pigloos) you take one wooden wine box , you decide how large you want it Take away the underside and the left side (if you put it on hislong side to saw) and make sure there are no more sharp objects in the box . Its a nice change to...
  4. CuteFluffyThing

    It's a GP thread! : be creative with your GP's

    This is a thread about being creative with your GP . I have a twi-year experience with Adobe photoshop and i love Gp's . I've found a way to combine those two http://pic14.picturetrail.com/VOL497/2404121/4743718/59960903.jpg look at this picture , the same picture is hanging plastified at my...
  5. CuteFluffyThing

    Don't be discouraged

    I know that a lot of people here say outdoor enviroments aren't good for a guineapig but in alot fo cases it is . We have an outdoor enviroment of 2square meters in our garden and there are alot of cats in our neighborhood .We have put pins on the walls the cats crawl over if they attack our...