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  1. Laika

    Vet Good vets near Muscadine, Alabama?

    I'm hoping someone on here might Know of a decent guinea pig vet near Muscadine, Alabama. So far most things I have found in Alabama have been so far away. I have found one, that I plan to use should anything come up until I hopefully find a closer one. Also kind of hoping I can find one that...
  2. Laika

    Very nervous; first guinea pigs

    Ok. I'm a new guinea pig owner, I have had my lovely lil pigs Rue and Navi for about a month. I did get them from a pet store (I know better now, next piggies will be rescues). At first I thought Navi was just getting fat, and thought she needed more encouragment to exercise or something, but...
  3. Laika

    Aggression Guinea pig bitten by another!

    I've had my new guinea pigs for about 2 weeks (first guinea pigs I've ever had). They've had a few problems getting along but nothing serious and seemed to just be dominance stuff/ nervous about the new home, and the past 4-5 days they've seemed a lot better. That is until today. While I was...
  4. Laika

    New and questions.

    Hello! I have wanted guinea pigs since I was 5 years old and 4 days ago for my 28th birthday I finally got them! :D I got two, three month old girls, and they're both adorable. The white and dark brown one is Rue, and the white and grey one is Navi. I've done a lot of research before getting...