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  1. nikdarg

    Telling People How Many Pets You Have

    For those of you who have a lot of pets, do you tell people what you have? I usually don't tell people exactly how many pets I have until I really get to know them better. This is because I have what I call a "stupid" amount of pets. The pets I have include: -2 guinea pig boars (Willow and...
  2. nikdarg

    Talking About Guinea Pigs with Friends Who Don't Have Them

    Does anybody feel like people get annoyed because you are talking about your guinea pigs or pets in general so much? They are just such a huge part of my life and I love to share all the cute things they did or have done, but not many people really appreciate it. I get a lot of placating nods...
  3. nikdarg

    My Piggies and I Say Hi!!

    Hello! My name is Nikki and I am new to the forum. I just really love spoiling my pigs, talking about my pigs, and generally discussing pets and animal welfare. I have two lovely boars whom I affectionately refer to as piggles. I don't know why really, it just sounds fun. Their names are Cleo...