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  1. new2piggs

    Hay Farmers hay??

    Does anyone get hay directly from a farm or feed store? What do I look for and what do I avoid? I live in farm land central but have been buying from SPS.
  2. new2piggs

    General Took in some pregnant pigs!

    Hi everyone! Long time no see. I have a herd of female piggies who are doing amazing. I am also involved heavily in the local rescue here. Tonight they put out an urgent help needed due to a hoarding situation. There were 43 animals living in a storage unit. 16 of these are guinea pigs...
  3. new2piggs

    Ivermectin Ivermectin and human kid question

    Anyone who has treated their pigs with Ivermectin and also has small humans in the house, how long do you make the kids wait to touch the pigs once you've applied the Ivermectin? I know typically it's "wait until it's dry" but I was just curious if, since it's a cattle solution, there was a...
  4. new2piggs

    Skin Problems Harper's Medical Thread- So Much Fungus

    Hi everyone, So I have been put through the ringer lately with guinea pig skin issues. First one of my pigs, Inky had lice so we have had three treatments of revolution and the lice have been resolved! (YAY) Now, we have an outbreak of fungus. Ugh. I'm calling this Harper's medical thread...
  5. new2piggs

    Where to Order? Hay recommendations please

    So, I've been purchasing my hay from a local pet store, but since we have quadrupled our herd numbers I really need to look into a better system for hay and pellets. What are your recommendations? I looked on Amazon but would really like to hear suggestions on what kind and cuts people prefer.
  6. new2piggs

    Mites Mites or Ringworm? (Cocoa Puffs medical thread)

    So about a week ago we took in a young teddy sow. Her coarse hair made it really hard to see that she did in fact have lice (found this at the well check last week and she has since been treated with Revolution). Today I noticed a "bald" spot with irritated skin. The vet told me that the...
  7. new2piggs

    Rescues Had a ton of fun today!

    So my family and I went to an event to visit a Guinea Pig Rescue and donate some things today. It was just over a two hour drive but it was so much fun and such a great experience to meet some awesome women who actually run rescues. I would give a huge shout out to the rescue but I'm not sure...
  8. new2piggs

    Parasites Inky has lice !!! :(

    So, my almost 4 month old all black sow Inky has lice. How do I know, you ask? Well I SAW THEM! Yuck, yuck, yuckity yuck. I have spent this morning combing through all the girls and then visiting the vet (was a pre scheduled visit with our new girl Cocoa Puff). We took Inky along in her own...
  9. new2piggs

    How Many? Need advice on my herd size and if I should add another sow

    Hey everyone, I currently have 6 sows ages ranging from 2 months to 8 months. I took them all in from different situations and now that I am a pig mom I seem to be noticing mistreated pigs everywhere. I live in a very rural area where 4H is very popular. The feed store that I frequent has a...
  10. new2piggs

    Photos Newb question re: forum protocol (photo threads)

    Let me apologize beforehand if I'm creating any work for mods who may have to move or re-title this. Are there threads or a place to show pictures of our pigs? I would love to see all the guinea pigs that belong to the members here. Maybe this has been done before but I'm pretty new and...
  11. new2piggs

    Crusty Eyes Emily Medical Thread- possible eye injury or URI

    Last night I noticed Emily's left eye was a little watery. When I woke up this morning first thing to check her, it was gooey and swollen shut. I took her to the vet (not our normal vet but the only exotic that could get her in this morning). The vet was kind of rude as soon as I told him...
  12. new2piggs

    Mites Mites & Ringworm (officially worried)

    So, I got my older two sows from a shelter (not a rescue, but regular kill shelter). I have had them for a little less than 3 weeks. They seem perfectly healthy right now, however yesterday I was called by the shelter and advised that prior to me getting them they were housed at a pet store...
  13. new2piggs

    C&C Four Sows and cage size

    I have read the cage size recommendations but a 2x6 still seems small to me for 4 sows. Once mine are all full grown, I Just can't see how they would all be able to have their own space and communal spaces plus eating areas. I do have the space to build bigger than a 2x6 but I would have to...
  14. new2piggs

    General Can a guinea pig this small possibly be pregnant?

    Hey again everyone. If anyone has read my previous posts you'll know that I just took in two female very small piggies from some random lady outside my exotic vets office. One of the girls, Inky, is very small (weighs 340g as of today) but has a distinct pear shape to her that none of the...
  15. new2piggs

    Behavior Questions about a blind piggy also about quarantine

    Hey everyone! I know I am still new to these parts and so if this is the wrong are for these questions, please feel free to redirect me! So I took my new piggies, Emily and Sparkles to the vet yesterday and she determined that Emily is a diluted pig and almost completely blind. She said it...
  16. new2piggs

    New Pig Owner Here!

    Hi everyone, I just "rescued" a bonded pair of female piggies this past weekend. I am a huge animal advocate and have always loved all kinds of creatures, but have never had the pleasure of owning guinea pigs before. My girls, Emily and Sparkle, have their first vet appointment on Thursday...