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  1. TheGuineaPigGal

    Conditions Sudden paralysis of hind legs in a young female? (Cappucicno's med thread)

    I haven't had the time to post, but about a month after we adopted Tootsie and Toffee, Toffee gave birth to 3 pups. They were all healthy. We assumed she had gotten pregnant in her previous arrangement, as the babies looked nothing like any of ours. So now we are here. Cappuccino started...
  2. TheGuineaPigGal

    Allergies Possible Timothy hay allergy.

    My parents decided to switch over to Standlee timothy hay because it is cheap, and comes in a large quantity. I recently noticed I have sneezing problems when around it, and it is quite dusty. Has anyone else ever used this hay? I am starting to get watery eyes and I have hay pollen on my...
  3. TheGuineaPigGal

    Chat Chicks and guinea pigs

    My guinea pigs do not like chicks. I Fed a chick a piece of spinach And now my gps are mad! lol
  4. TheGuineaPigGal

    Tootsie and Toffee

    I would have added this to my original intro thread, but its too old to edit. GUYSSSS My dad just got two new rescue pigs They are sooo cuteeeeeee!!! They are both girls, and I named them Tootsie and Toffee. They are sisters just over a year old. I LOVE THEMMMM
  5. TheGuineaPigGal

    Pellets Hayloft KMS Timothy choice pellets?

    Has/Does anybody use/d this and what is your opinion?
  6. TheGuineaPigGal

    Chat Greys Anatomy Fans?

    Is anyone else here addicted to Greys Anatomy here or am I the only one? :P
  7. TheGuineaPigGal

    Lethals Strokes in GP's?

    Most of you may know, Mama Wheeks passed away on the 19th of March. I am left wondering her cause of death, as she was wheeking and popcorning that morning. I am not interested in an autopsy because I want her to rest, and I already buried her. When I noticed her acting ill, she was wheezing and...
  8. TheGuineaPigGal

    My Baby Girl

    Brownie crossed the Rainbow bridge last night in my arms. I miss her incredibly. I remember yesterday morning she was eating a carrot and jumping for joy. I feel like it is my fault because I didn't beg hard enough to my parents to take her to a vet. Mama Piggy, fly free, I love you to the moon...
  9. TheGuineaPigGal

    Scratching Brownies med thread

    I was doing a daily check on Brownie today and I noticed a particular area that she had been scratching at. Upon further inspection, I see that there was a red, angry, cyst-thing. It is just above her right shoulder, it is not visible without lifting fur, but when I tried to, she BIT me. This is...
  10. TheGuineaPigGal

    I may be rehoming Oreo

    As sad as it is, me and my parents have been discussing rehoming Oreo. He is just under a year old, his birthday is on March 27th. We are rehoming him because we feel like he is not getting the life he deserves. He is constantly stressed by the females, and it is causing tension to Mister Smores...
  11. TheGuineaPigGal

    Shavings Curse the shavings!!!

    I spot clean both my guinea pig cages twice a day, considering Oreo is a messmaker, and there are four guinea pigs in the other cage. I deep clean about once a month considering how clean I like to keep it, but on to the issue, the shavings stick to my leggings (My go-to) and won´t come off...
  12. TheGuineaPigGal

    Happy Birthday to Me.

    Brownie gave me birthday kisses. I loved it.
  13. TheGuineaPigGal

    Nutrition Guinea pig ate a goldfish cracker

    My little brother was eating goldfish crackers while spending time with the pigs. He dropped one, and brownie went after it. She ate it, it was just one, and she is acting fine. Will she be okay?
  14. TheGuineaPigGal

    Vegetables Guinea pig safe birthday cake

    I am celebrating my birthday this month, and I was wondering if I could make a cake just for my guinea pigs out of vegetables, any ideas? Edit: I already know they cannot have baked goods, I was thinking like an arrangement of vegetables
  15. TheGuineaPigGal

    Grids How to baby proof a cage?

    Baby Taylor is a very adventurous little piggy, loves to climb through the panels, but she always comes back, considering mommy cant fit through through the bars, but I was wondering how I could baby proof the cage,
  16. TheGuineaPigGal

    Media This guinea pigs coat is so cool!

    I was looking at guinea pigs on pinterest and found this pretty piggy!
  17. TheGuineaPigGal

    Sounds What is teeth-chattering? (A reference thread)

    A lot of my friends with pigs have had their guinea pigs teeth-chatter, and they do not know what it means, This behavior that is displayed in guinea pigs, contrary to popular belief, does NOT mean they are cold. The real meaning of teeth chattering is usually when a piggy is unhappy, or angry...
  18. TheGuineaPigGal

    What is the term "Cavy Caged"

    I have seen some people have this term in their profile, what does it mean?
  19. TheGuineaPigGal

    Joy What should you get your pig for Christmas (Or other holidays)?

    As you all may know, today is the first day of December. Holidays season is upon us. I assume many of you celebrate these holiday traditions with your pigs, as I do, and you may be wondering what to give your pig during these special times. I came up with a couple ideas to get you started FOR...
  20. TheGuineaPigGal

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection My friends pig is dying,

    My friend sent this to me last night. "She has a respiratory infection, we went to the vet and they said nothing was wrong but we know now that she has an infection. She might die tomorrow if we don’t get her treatment. They have antibiotics ready but we might not be able to pick it up...