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  1. Skeetersmom

    Comment by 'Skeetersmom' in media 'Skittles and baby Streak'

    There is no dried corn. That is a treat stick.
  2. Skeetersmom

    Breeding BREEDER trying to sell a Male Skinny Pig in Connecticut

    Found her ad if anyone is interested...... It is on backpage.com and you can flag on there if anyone wants to flag it! Removed - backpage.com does not prohibit breeder sales.
  3. Skeetersmom

    Breeding BREEDER trying to sell a Male Skinny Pig in Connecticut

    I saw the craigslist ad yesterday on my local craigslist and suspected it was the same person. Couldn't believe the $65 adoption fee when I read the ad. That is totally a breeder looking for money! Oops litters, no one charges outrageous fees like that. Crazy! And to think we all fell for...
  4. Skeetersmom

    Comment by 'Skeetersmom' in media 'Doc loves snap peas'

    Mine LOVE snap peas too! Their favorite!
  5. Skeetersmom

    Conditions I'm Allergic to my Guinea Pig

    I have the same problem. I have been using Nutragena T Gel shampoo and taking Zyrtec everyday. It helps but isn't totally curing the problem. I have tried changing the hay but that didn't help. Good Luck!
  6. Skeetersmom

    C&C Alternatives Bookshelf style cage!

    Sounds kinda cool but seems a little expensive instead of making a regular C&C cage.
  7. Skeetersmom

    Funny Craigslist Listing

    It's supposed to be sarcastic. There are tons of ads on craigslist everyday with the excuses of getting a puppy and not having time or having a baby and not having time for their pets anymore. I know situations come up and people need to rehome pets sometimes but sometimes you can just tell...
  8. Skeetersmom

    Funny Craigslist Listing

    This was on my local CL this afternoon. I thought it was kinda funny and had to pass it on: Please help! After two long years of being on a waiting list for a dog, we have been notified by breed rescue that, at long last, our number has come up and ... WE ARE HAVING A PUPPY! We must get...
  9. Skeetersmom

    Brands Kleenmama's.

    If you go on the Sweet Meadow site, there is a guinea pig pack that is 10lbs of pellets, 3 bags of timothy hay and 2 bags of meadow hay. With the shipping it came to $30. It was worth it. They love the hay and their pellets.
  10. Skeetersmom

    Are Bed, Bath, and Beyond Grids Safe?

    The grids are 14.5". That hasn't changed. The grids from BB&B are the safe grids.
  11. Skeetersmom

    General Air fresheners

    I ordered Tap A Drop from an online store. Works great!
  12. Skeetersmom

    Pregnant Skinny any help appreciated LONG

    No she had 4 babies but only 3 made it.
  13. Skeetersmom

    Pregnant Skinny any help appreciated LONG

    Yay! Can't wait to see! So sad that one didn't make it though.
  14. Skeetersmom

    Cage Big Enough? Opinions?

    If you make the bottom big enough, you don't need the top. I have found the top just makes it harder to clean and isn't that necessary. Your cage looks great though!
  15. Skeetersmom

    Introducting my baby skinny pigs

    So cute. I have to say, it looks like the other is going to have 3-4 also to me.
  16. Skeetersmom

    Pregnant Skinny any help appreciated LONG

    Yay! We'll know how many were in there soon!!!!
  17. Skeetersmom

    Comment by 'Skeetersmom' in media '2nd_level_006'

    The tent came from a petstore and the grids are from Bed Bath and Beyond
  18. Skeetersmom

    Pregnant Skinny any help appreciated LONG

    Wow! You can actually see like 3 babies on her left side. So, I will have to guess about 5-6 babies. That is crazy how big she is. At least Jelly Bean looks average!
  19. Skeetersmom

    Pregnant Skinny any help appreciated LONG

    I think everyone loves seeing the pictures. Can you feel if their hips have spread at all yet? It is a pretty good give away of when the babies are coming...