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  1. PiggyKat

    Hey guys! New Guinea Pig owner (2) ANY HELPFUL TIPS? (I HAVE A IMPORTANT QUESTION...)

    Your pigs are a kind call Abyssinian or abys for short. There hair will always be that way! I love it! looks like a cow licked them in different directions! You can buy cuddle cups online for fairly cheap. Love the names!
  2. PiggyKat

    Hey guys! New Guinea Pig owner (2) ANY HELPFUL TIPS? (I HAVE A IMPORTANT QUESTION...)

    Mine always run when I try to get them out. They are prey animals so it is is their nature to run away. As for noises, mine purr when being petted. As long as your g pig is not trying to run away of making noises of distress i wouldn't worry but that is only my opinion! Mine make little chirping...
  3. PiggyKat

    Sounds Guinea Pig Chirping?

    I did the same thing the day mine chirped! I had the window open and thought there was a bird outside my window! Then I remembered that guinea pigs can chirp but i thought it was rare so that is why I didn't think of it right away! Ha ha yeah mine seem to do it in the morning or when it is...
  4. PiggyKat

    Behavior Begging pigs

    ha ha my pigs do the same thing! Sometimes they will just wheek untill I get out of bed to say good morning. They know when just me comes home from work, and I have 8 people in my family!:love: Then the are content and I can go back to sleep...spoiled piggies... then with food. Oh don't get me...
  5. PiggyKat

    Hi Im new :)

    OH MY GOODNESS! They are adorable!! I love long haired piggies! And welcome!
  6. PiggyKat

    I saved piggies! Now I need help!

    Isn't life funny on how somethings just happen to happen? lol It might take a few weeks for them to calm down from this change. They are in a brand new everything, new sounds, new people, new smells, new toys, new food, new everything. They are going to be shy at first. I know it took about 3...
  7. PiggyKat

    Photos Updated Photos of the girls

    I love baby piggies!! thanks!
  8. PiggyKat

    Fighting Female piggies are fighting!!

    I have 4 girls and they do this all the time. I think that going into heat starts it and they are going through puberty aswell. I too have a little one who seems to get ganged up on but in the animal world its normal to have a pig on the bottom of the totem pole. as long as there is no blood I...
  9. PiggyKat

    Fleece Fleece strips for bedding

    I use large strips(about3 inches across by 5inches long) in my cage and the pigs love to get undeer them and sleep on them and whatever. They are easy to clean and it's how I get rid of my little peices
  10. PiggyKat

    Hello, from Michigan. =}

    Horray another MI friend! Welcome! I hope you learn as much as you can from here! It is such a great site! I know when I was first researching piggy care I was overwhelmed at times! I started by going through the topics and if I though of a question trying to search for it here and on...
  11. PiggyKat

    R.I.P Wiggles

    These post always make me soo sad! I am truly sorry to hear about your pigs passing! These little guys sure do find a way to make a big impact on us! Be happy in the thought that he had a great life with you! It doesn't help, i know that, and really nothing we can say will help too much. Just...
  12. PiggyKat

    Fleece Kick their poo out with fleece?

    My girls do occasionally kick some out and I have sides. Some times they get so excited, or when they are having a disagreement poo can fly..But I haven't had it be too terrible, only a few poos here and there
  13. PiggyKat

    My Guinea pig learned a trick!

    Thanks you! Yeah I was a proud piggy momma showing everyone at work my pig trick...it's good to have friends on here who understand my piggy ways! Also it gives me a way to talk to people about guinea pig care. A girl from my work got her son a guinea pig and I was able to talk to her rather...
  14. PiggyKat

    Quarantine Are they necessary if...?

    It is better to have on sick pig and not many. I got my pigs from a shelter when they were the only pigs in there for three weeks. If your pigs are currently in contact with other pigs then I would do the 3 week quarantine. It's kinda like when you send you kids to school, they catch everything...
  15. PiggyKat

    Taking SIX pigs in Thurs. in IL - need homes!

    WOW NINE?! I envy you. I so wish I could foster but I still live at home with the parents....when i move out I want to so bad! Congrats and I hope there are no more little surprises!
  16. PiggyKat

    Hello from NE Pennsylvania!

    Hello Rox! I've never owned a bunny before but you little guy sure was cute. I'm sorry to hear about his passing! Here is my two cents. Guinea pigs are sure fun little creatures! Yes they do enjoy to have another to keep them company, so you "herd" right...sorry. My humor can be weird. If you...
  17. PiggyKat

    Outdoor Piggies

    I would never want my pig outside. Sorry. I love having them inside. I got them to be indoor pets and I'm pretty sure they are waay happier inside being around me 24/7 and being in a controlled environment 24/7 and always noticed 24/7. There are no predators inside, no bugs, no harmful heat...
  18. PiggyKat

    Hi from Chicago!

    Aww its so great that you can help Nibbler! I hope he finds a new best friend in Albi!
  19. PiggyKat

    My Guinea pig learned a trick!

    Thank you all for the comments! It means a lot! Yes i think everyone talks to their pigs in baby talk. They are just too gosh darn cute not to! I took the treat and made her follow it as I said "circle" Once I completed a rotation I let her eat the carrot(or any other veg since carrots on a...
  20. PiggyKat

    My Guinea pig learned a trick!

    I was bored and on youtube one night(yes I do this a lot...it's kinda addicting!) and I saw people doing simple tricks with their guinea pigs. I thought "Hey why not try" So I got one of my pigs out and tried it....nothing. Not for all the romaine lettuce in the world would she do it. Well after...