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  1. cocochanel8pawz

    Grooming Dry Feet!!!

    Hi everyone! So I was trimming my guinea pigs' nails yesterday and I noticed the bottoms of their feet were abnormally dry. There was no discoloration, swelling, or hanging skin. But, they seemed very dry and did not feel as soft as usual; it was more of the white/cracked skin we(humans) get...
  2. cocochanel8pawz

    Grooming Mineral Oil vs Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil

    Hi everyone! So I'm steadily realizing water is not working to solely clean my piggies ears. I was just wondering what you guys used to clean your piggies ears? Do you use oil and if so which oil? I am familiar with olive oil for hair and cooking. I'm also familiar with coconut oil as a masking...
  3. cocochanel8pawz

    Grooming Normal Ear Wax??

    Hi everyone! Forgive me if I do something wrong…I just joined the forum a few minutes ago. I am a little concerned about one of my guinea pig's ear wax. She is a Peruvian and I have read that long haired piggies have more wax buildup. But, her wax is black. She has one white ear and one...
  4. cocochanel8pawz

    Hey Guys!

    Hey guys! I'm new to forums altogether but I can't wait to start many new discussions with you all about our lovely best friends, guinea pigs! I have two pigs: Coco and Chanel. They are both one year old; Coco is a tricolor Abyssinian and Chanel is a black and white Peruvian. If you have any...