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  1. GuineaPigQueen1

    Adopting Should I adopt on Craigslist?

    So I have been wondering would it be good to adopt on Craigslist. I have been wanting to adopt 2 more girls for a while and with internet issues and being busy since school started I have held off on submitting my adoption application ( I submitted it but the place I did it had bad service so it...
  2. GuineaPigQueen1

    Chat Sister and reasons why you should not get kids a guinea pig.

    Caution LONG story. 2 days ago I was fed up with my younger sister, who in theory she is suppose to help care for the guinea pigs ( One was her’s and the other is mine, I treat them equally.), but she lacked off her duty, by lacked off I mean did NOTHING with them unless her or her friends...
  3. GuineaPigQueen1

    Adopting Updates! It has been a while!

    Hello fellow guinea pig parents and lovers! It has been a while. Life has been going great and the piggies have been spoiled as ever. During my very busy summer in July, I will be adopting in August and submitting the application in a week. Due to not that many single female guinea pigs, we...
  4. GuineaPigQueen1

    Behavior My girls lately..... I have a question.

    So one day I went to feed my girls (2) in there 2x6 cage with no loft. They were chasing each other and they never do that and never when I come with food. Nothing different then Lulu ( they are close in age and no one is dominate) then she ( I have no better way to put it) Lulu humped Princess...
  5. GuineaPigQueen1

    Chewing Safe woods

    I want to craft wood hides and hay racks for my piggies but I am wondering what woods are safe and what to avoid.
  6. GuineaPigQueen1

    Pet Stores PetSmart and Petco Animals ( I need better titles)

    So I researched why PetSmart and Petco doesn’t sell rabbits and what came up was “ PetSmart ( or Petco) made the decision to not sell dogs, cats, and rabbits because they are too many in shelters.” This is true and there are tons in shelters, probably more than any other animal. But what about...
  7. GuineaPigQueen1

    Showing Showing? Idk

    So I know guinea pigs get very stressed when going to unfamiliar places, but what are us guinea pig lovers so against besides stress levels. I haven’t seen the environment of it yet so I really have no idea. * Note my guinea pigs have never been anywhere besides my home, outside once ( I was a...
  8. GuineaPigQueen1

    General Guinea pig Illnesses

    Ok so you may be wondering why does someone question about illnesses for an animal I already own. So the places I looked they didn’t explain the illnesses well and no pictures and how to check. I want to know all of the most common illnesses causes and if it is contagious and symptoms. The...
  9. GuineaPigQueen1

    Chat Guinea Pig Stories?

    So this is a little bit different post. I am wondering if anyone has stories about getting their guinea pigs. I really want to know these stories ( Don't worry about mistakes being shamed from me I made some too and now it's good, well some of my mistakes, cough cough living world xl right now...
  10. GuineaPigQueen1

    Chat Any Instagram or YouTube accounts

    Hi guys I am wondering if anyone has any Instagram or YouTube accounts for guinea pigs. I have a Instagram account @the_pet_squad_adventures this has the girls and my other animals. I am doing a YouTube channel under the same name soon for my pets but a lot of it on the piggies. I want to know...
  11. GuineaPigQueen1

    Play Materials for Toys

    I am wanting to craft toys for my piggies so I am wondering if some of these materials are safe if they aren’t I am wondering about alternatives. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls, tissue paper, elemer’s glue ( To glue cardboard), cardboard boxes like Amazon and Zulily for hides and toys, and...
  12. GuineaPigQueen1

    Pet Stores About Pet Supermarket and Pet Supplies Plus ?

    I like Pet SuperMarket and Pet Supplies Plus, but I used to like PetSmart and Petco. Before I found out that they support animal abuse in small animals and reptiles (Please don’t get me started on abuse about other animals there I do know). So my PetSuperMarket sells rabbits guinea pigs hamsters...
  13. GuineaPigQueen1

    Play Can I put warm colored fairy lights around my cage?

    I have warm light fairy light I want to put around my piggies cage. Can I put them there they run on batteries covered by a case.
  14. GuineaPigQueen1

    How Many? Should I Get a Third Guinea Pig?

    Hi everybody! I am looking in to getting a third guinea pig. I am going to ask my vet but they are closed due to the Texas outages. I am so eager so I am wanting to know your opinion just in case the vet says that it depends and I will need opinions. I have 2 sweet girls that I have had for...
  15. GuineaPigQueen1

    Fleece Anti-Pill Fleece over Puppy Pads for Bedding

    Hi I am wondering if Anti-Pill fleece washed 3 times over unscented puppy pads for bedding in a 13 square feet cage (2x5 CageTopia) would work? I don't want to buy GuineaDad because I have had not the most pleasant experience with GuineaDad fleece liners. I am asking for half of the money for a...
  16. GuineaPigQueen1

    Fresh Food Cute Guinea Pig Snack Ideas

    One idea I did was cucumber and carrot sushi. I cut the cucumber in chunks and carved out the inside. I cut baby carrots vertically, and stuffed them in. You can use other guinea pig food to stuff it. I used the stuff I had in my fridge that I could waste so I didn’t affect my guinea pig’s food...
  17. GuineaPigQueen1

    Supplements Should I get Critical Care just in case my piggies stop eating?

    I am wondering if I should order Critical Care for my piggies just in case they stop eating. It is not in stores around me and only on Amazon. Should I get Critical Care soon? I am wondering does it expire? Also is there at homemade solution just in case I don't have Critical Care?
  18. GuineaPigQueen1


    Hi I am GuineaPigQueen1! I love guinea pigs, which I refer to piggies a lot. I am so excited to be apart of this forum of cavy lovers. My guinea pigs are Princess and Lulu that are a year old and girls. I love giving advice and hearing it.