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  1. slynndowney

    Pregnancy Behavior of a pregnant pig

    Hi all! I bought Maple six weeks ago from a pet store (poor research and planning on my part!) and the worker warned us that she may be pregnant (all the pigs were kept in one tank, two females/four males). I really wanted a female and not knowing the dangers of guinea pig pregnancy, my husband...
  2. slynndowney


    Hello everyone! My name is Shelby and my cavy's name is Maple. We got her from a pet store and unfortunately (or fortunately!) she is pregnant. I believe she is in her last week, maybe two of pregnancy, so we are preparing for little babies! I realized my knowledge of guinea pigs was limited...
  3. slynndowney

    Fleece Do I have to wash the u-haul pad in HOT water first?

    My fleece flippers just arrived today (cannot wait to use them!), but it instructs to wash the U-haul pad in HOT water. My washing machine sadly does not have a hot water cycle :sad: Is it okay to wash them in warm water or should I make the trip to the laundromat? Thanks!