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  1. Saylavi

    Dominance Sudden dominance

    Hello! Long time no see, school has had me busy. two months ago I had to move apartments due to bad neighbors. (There were a couple shootings In my apartment complex) so the girls went from a 30 square feet rectangular cage in a somewhat busy room down to 27 square feet L shaped cage in a much...
  2. Saylavi

    baby boys in western pa

    So where do I start here... last night Wheek care, the rescue nearest me (the one with the Pignic two weeks ago) put on Facebook that they received a message about some pigs in need at Meyers pickle farm, which is a huge farm with a pumpkin patch and they grow all sorts of veggies and herbs. The...
  3. Saylavi

    C&C Alternatives How high should the walls of a custom cage be

    I've heard that babies need 10" and adults need 6", I've heard as little as 4" or as much as 12" as the minimums. How high should the side of a cage actually be to stop them from accidentally falling out or intentionally jumping out? (I'm thinking of putting an acrylic front on my cage, but if...
  4. Saylavi

    Mouth So Luna ate some thread...

    So I have the girls on the couch with me and I look over to see Luna eating some loose thread off of the end table. I got it out of her mouth ASAP but she still probably ate about 8" to a foot of it. Do I need to make an emergency vet visit or just moniter her poop? (Will it tangle up her...
  5. Saylavi

    Grow Your Own Growing veggies in the window

    I work at lowes and we now have our pre-started herbs and veggies out. I was thinking of growing a couple in a window box, but I'm not sure how well veggies will grow in a limited space. I can have a 6inch by 2foot window planter box, or theoretically I can leave the window open and have a 1'x2'...
  6. Saylavi

    Chat What to do about stray cat

    This probably seems like a pretty silly question, but I live in an apartment complex which has a pretty strict and will policy. Hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, snakes, lizards, and fish are OK. Rats, cats, dogs, ferrets, and pretty much anything else that I didn't list are off-limits. Well...
  7. Saylavi

    Grids What grids are best?

    I have been using the Whitmore grids without complications for a while, ever since Luna and Stella were only 2 months old (now 7 months) but last night during introductions our new baby (3.5 months) nova got her head stuck in one of the grid holes! We got her out safe and sound, though that grid...
  8. Saylavi

    Photoshoot with the new piggy

    https://youtu.be/bvEihuXBSWk decided to do a Photoshoot with the new baby for hello hammy' contest, she is a 3.5 month texel named nova. ^^
  9. Saylavi

    Eyes/Non-crusty Brown spot in both eyes

    It was hard to get a decent pic, so her eye is a little held open here. I'm worried that Luna and aurora's pupils/irises are perfectly round, but Stella's irises on both eyes look like they melt a little towards her nose. Like a brown spot just a hair lighter than her brown irises. Is this...
  10. Saylavi

    Size Building a New Cage and Getting a 4th Pig

    About a month ago we got Aurora, and have been keeping her with Luna and Stella in a 14'2 cage, but there's a little bit more dominance behavior than I would like, so I was going to use part of my student loan refund to build them a bigger cage. (*backstory, feel free to skip*) we got Aurora...
  11. Saylavi

    Introductions Having trouble introducing Aurora, bullying

    (Day 1/3) Stella and Luna have been living in a 3.5' by 4' cage with a second level for about 3 months, so when I introduced Aurora I did so on the floor by my spare room where nobody had ever been before. All piggies are less than 5 months old, Stella and Luna are teddies from the same litter...
  12. Saylavi

    Conditions Aurora -- a special pig

    So I'm in the process of adopting a 3rd piggy, (which I am so so excited about, I will most likely be picking her up on the 22nd) but she has a few issues that I could deal with on my own, but would like second opinions on. This is flower, soon to be aurora. When I first saw her profile on...
  13. Saylavi

    Chat Petition against giving animals as gifts

    Obviously sunny dictation isn't going to stop people from doing it, but at least we should be able to stop Petco from advertising small animal starter kits specifically geared towards the holidays for $40. The kits are cheap, the cages are tiny, The kits come with a small cage, a small bag of...
  14. Saylavi

    C&C Standard size c&c grid?

    I have grids that are about 13 3/4", but someone on etsy said their grids were 15"x15"? Even after the gap between grids there's no way mine are larger than 14"x14". It doesn't surprise me that not all girls are made equal, but that one inch could really add up and make a liner much too small...
  15. Saylavi

    Flags Not sure if a breeder or just a special duck

    http://lancaster.craigslist.org/grd/5260219403.html but this person is keeping 4 boys, 8 girls, and 3 babies in a kiddie pool together, letting them breed whenever they want? I don't see any hay in there, only one place to hide, this is obviously in a basement... This is how people adopt a...
  16. Saylavi

    Behavior Laying down?

    I moved the girls from the "pet room" (them and a fish) into the living room so we would see them more, but ever since I did they've been laying down crooked. I know they can lay down, that's how they sleep, but is it normal for them to randomly lay down in the open and lounge there? They seem...
  17. Saylavi

    Guinea pigs and spray paint

    Obviously I'm not going to spray paint my guinea pigs, I'm going to spray paint a desk and put their cage on top of it 24hrs after its dry. My worry is whether or not they will chew on the edge of the desk, whether or not they can chew on or lick the desk under their fleece (I'm planning to put...
  18. Saylavi

    Liners Terrycloth vs cotton batting

    Which is better and bunches less in the washer? I'm using terrycloth in my fleece right now, but I saw Joanne's has cotton batting which is supposed to be absorbent soft and scrunch free up to 10 inches. I've also heard of people using uhaul (what is that?) and puppy training pads (I've never...
  19. Saylavi

    A shy hello

    Hello! I'm Saylavi, I've been lurking in the care sections for a while, I decided to finally make an account and introduce myself and my baby teddy girls. Luna is grey and white, Stella is black with a white chin, hind foot, and butt spot. They are in a 4'x4' vinyl and wood and cube grid cage...