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  1. idramaxx0

    Frustrated Best method to getting pigs to sleep in a loft?

    I just redid my cage (pictures to come) and I tried to make more space for the boys to run by taking out their old beat up pigloos and making a bunk bed style loft for them. They all love hiding in the lower level, and they've each explored the top "bunk" but none of them will stay on top or...
  2. idramaxx0

    It's good to be back!

    Hello everyone! I don't know how many on here were around about a year and a half ago when I last actively posting. School and the end of a very rocky relationship distracted me from a lot over the past 18 months. My life got pretty out of control and unfortunately going above and beyond for my...
  3. idramaxx0

    General Lots and lots of poo!

    Haha I'm sorry if this grosses anyone out, but I know when I play with my boys they sometimes poo twice in a row. My Fiyero was sitting on top of his house a few mins ago with his bottom hanging over the edge. I was sitting next to the cage talking to them and I noticed he was dropping a little...
  4. idramaxx0

    Keeping Cool I feel strange posting this in the winter...

    Long story short, the whole upstairs of my house was the attic long ago. No walls, just lots of storage and one radiator that had two settings: on and off. When the walls were put up all the new rooms got new radiators, but that old radiator that was designed to heat the whole top floor of this...
  5. idramaxx0

    Exercise Floortime Area

    I was sick and tired of having to set up and deconstruct my floortime pen everynight, so I decided to pig proof my room! I took their floortime pen and basically permanently blocked off all areas of my room that are not piggy safe (under my bed, under my desk, by the radiator, etc.) My family...
  6. idramaxx0

    Carefresh as stuffing?

    Hello! So I've decided to finally learn how to use the sewing machine I begged for and got last Christmas. :expressio I figured the best way was to start making piggy items! So I have plans to make tunnels and cozy cups and all sorts of fun things. I went to the craft store today and picked up...
  7. idramaxx0

    5th guinea pig?!

    I had to take Princeton to the vet today (he's fine, I worried over nothing) and I haven't been there since September. I walk in and my vet looks at me and says "Oh! We were thinking of calling you!" Turns out a guinea pig had been returned to a local pet store because it had an abscess in his...
  8. idramaxx0

    Impaction Young boar beginning to become impacted?

    Last night I noticed a little piece of poop stuck to the rear of my black abyssinian, Princeton. When I went to pull it out I noticed that it was actually stuck inside the anus. I pulled back his little cheeks and there is a fair amount of "squishy" poop stuck in there. He is only 8 months old...
  9. idramaxx0

    Stitch Witchery?

    So I have a little creative bug in me. I'm the props mistress for my local school district's drama department. However, my one downside is I cannot sew to save my life. I have a very nice sewing machine that I'm attempting to improve my skills on, but it's not working to well. My question is, is...
  10. idramaxx0

    Blog I miss them...

    Before I truly dove into this website and right before I was about to construct my first C&C(-esque) cage, I lost my first 3 babies very suddenly. The first 2 (Link and Simba) passed on the same day back in mid-July due to what was most likely a parasite from their hay and the third (Thenardier)...
  11. idramaxx0

    The great debate...

    My boyfriend and I have been arguing over this since we brought Chip home in August. What color would you say he is? I always say he's orange, but he insists that he's blond. Any opinions? Feel free to call me crazy, feel free to call him crazy :crazy:
  12. idramaxx0

    Best Birthday Present!

    My 20th birthday was back on January 3rd and my friend who is a very good artist made me this: and she's also a good baker: The best part is she never even met my guinea pigs! She did this all based on a description my mom gave her:
  13. idramaxx0

    C&C Lighting the bottom level

    I recently re-did my cage (as seen in the picture above). I love it and so do the boys but the one "problem" I have is that when the sun is not shining through my window, the left side of the bottom level gets very dark. Now my room is not lit very well to start with, we live in an older house...
  14. idramaxx0

    Joy Happy Noises!!!

    My Fiyero up until recently has only made agitated noises toward me with whatever I do to him. I'd try to pet him, he'd make that unhappy rumble. Anytime I'd pick him up he starts squeaking with displeasure. Tonight I decided to jump in my floor time pen with him and his buddy Chip. Fiyero was...
  15. idramaxx0

    Dominance Defending territory?

    My 4 boys (separated 2 and 2) have their cage set up in my room. Last night I decided to watch some guinea pig videos on youtube to see some "tricks", cages, different noises and behaviors all that fun stuff. Well at first the "other guinea pig" noises startled my boys a little but they didn't...
  16. idramaxx0

    General Switching to Oxbow everything!

    Up until a week ago I was unaware that Kaytee products are, well, less than satisfactory to put it nicely. My local pet store recently started carrying Oxbow products so I picked up a bunch of supplies today. I have a few questions of anyone who may have experience with these products. I just...
  17. idramaxx0

    Injury Hurt Neck

    I'm not sure if this is technically the right board for me to post this. About half an hour ago my two boars got into a little "tussle" like they do several times a day. It's never that bad and no one ever gets hurt. Chip, who is usually the instigator, came out of the fight with his head cocked...
  18. idramaxx0

    Reason for my guinea pig obsession!

    I found these pictures the other day and I thought it was a cute story to share! When I was about 5 we took a family trip to see my cousin and his family in Pennsylvania. They live out in the farm country and so there was a lot of animals, both wild and domesticated, in the area. It turns out a...
  19. idramaxx0

    Coroplast Is this the same thing as coroplast?

    24 in. x 18 in. x 4 mm White Corrugated Plastic Sheet (15-Pack) - COR-2418-15 at The Home Depot It says it's waterproof and it's the only kind of material that came up when I searched coroplast.
  20. idramaxx0

    Behavior New cage setup created odd behavior

    This will be long so bare with me. I know there's some of you out there that have probably read about the problems I've had with my boars and are shaking their heads at me. lol So for a while I had my 4 boars in 2 cages side by side. Both had a base level of 3x2 with a second level the was...