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  1. urofan

    Brands Oxbow Food Products

    I have seen on the Petco website that Oxbow teats are going up in price.
  2. urofan

    Autumn and Midnight are dead today

    My guinea pig named Autumn died today she was 5 or 6 years old. My other guinea pig named Midnight also died today but I had a little bit of time to say I love you and goodbye to him. I live in Western Oregon and it has been very hot today and I have never had any pets die because of how hot it...
  3. urofan

    Vegetables Romaine Lettuce Recall

    Once again there has been another Romaine Lettuce Recall. It always seems to happen this time of the year when people are buying a lot of food for the Holidays.
  4. urofan

    Conditions Guinea pig Lymph Node Abscess

    Tonight I was going to pick up my new male guinea pig that I got two months ago and he seems to have a Lymph Node Adscess. I have had guinea pigs for 10 years and have never had this problem before.
  5. urofan

    Other Oxbow Products Made For Exotic Animals.

    I would like to see Oxbow make food for sugar gilders and hedgehogs.
  6. urofan

    The Small Animal Channel Forum is now closed

    The Small Animal Channel Forum was a place that people could post things about all types of small animal pets. It was made so that the readers of the Rabbits USA Critters USA and Ferrets USA magazines could post questions and possibly make some new friends. Unfortunately they decided to close...
  7. urofan

    Brands Oxbow Garden Select Guinea Pig Food

    I just got an e mail from oxbow saying that they are going to be selling a new type of guinea pig food. What does everyone think of this new oxbow product? GARDEN SELECT - ADULT GUINEA PIG **COMING SOON!** The guinea pig food with the garden fresh flavor and aroma! Garden Select Adult Guinea...
  8. urofan

    Smuckers Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

    Yesterday i got out of my bed to get a drink and when i came back to my room i saw that my guinea pig named Smuckers was lying down in his cage and having a seizure.
  9. urofan

    New To This Forum

    I forgot to introduce myself. I have two guinea pigs named Smuckers and Buddy. I had a guinea pig named Henry that lived six years and passed away in December 2014. My name is Joshua. I'm 31 years old and live in Western Oregon. I've been a moderator on a few pet forums over the years, but...
  10. urofan

    Conditions Guinea Pig That Had His Teeth Clipped

    My guinea pig, Smuckers, had to have his teeth adjusted due to one tooth being longer than the other. After he had his teeth clipped, he ate Romaine and green leaf lettuce for awhile. But recently, he has become picky and will only eat cherry tomatoes and fruits. He is eating Oxbow pellets...