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  1. acydrose

    Brands questions about KMS hay and pellets?

    Hi :) I've been thinking about ordering from KMS and I had some questions Do they sell orchard grass? Are the pellets vitC fortified? How long does the 10lb bag of pellets last approximately? Does the hay stay fresh and how long does it last? How is the hay packaged? Do you recommend mixing...
  2. acydrose

    Weight Is this healthy? Could it be accurate? I'm a little worried

    Hey guys. So, I got a new scale since I hadn't weight my piggies in two months or so and I'm wondering if this is healthy. At the end of February,they were 4 months old, Neo was sick, had a pretty bad URI and he weighted 450g, Smith weighted 501g. Today they're six months old and Neo is...
  3. acydrose

    Parasites black dot-like bugs on piggies feces??

    Hey guys! Today I was spot cleaning the boys cage and Neo has been using the same corner as a potty lately. But when I cleared out the poop in the corner small black bugs were jumping/walking around it. They were very small, dot like.Could it be fleas, lice o r mites or something else? I...
  4. acydrose

    Pigs and a puppy?

    Hi guys :) Sorry if this post is in the wrong section of the forum! This morning I got a 4 month old puppy, adopted a mixed husky-terrier, and after his bath I realized he's got fleas :( We're waiting til tomorrow (Monday) to book his first vet visit, vaccines, grooming the whole she-bang...
  5. acydrose

    General Nail clipping and bathing questions

    So my piggies have officially been with me for a month and yesterday we survived the first nail clip, boyfriend clipped while I held them, there was only one quick cut out of 28. It broke my heart but Smith didn't even complain, he just stared at me and munched on the parsley. But I read online...
  6. acydrose

    Cage Expanded !

    Alright, I just went from a 2x3 to a 2x4, made some homemade flippers cause my pigs were starting to sleep under the fleece, made a coroplast hayrack that got me 3 stitches in my right hand, both tutorials for those I got them right here :) And a bent grid as a hidey. The cover over the bent...
  7. acydrose

    Hiding Guinea pig scare

    All right, this morning I got up to start my day, instead of going to my bathroom to put on my contacts first, I stop by the boy's cage with my blurry vision and lo' and behold! There's only one pig instead of two! I gasped! Stuck my hand in the cage in utter shock! How did Smith get out? Then I...
  8. acydrose

    Cage Brand new cage for Neo and Smith

    Made my first C&C cage, after having my boys on a petstore cage while I got all the materials.. and the space. Had to sacrifice a desk to put the bigger cage in the room but so, so worth it after seeing them run and popcorn around like crazy then nap in their hideys.
  9. acydrose

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Baytril not working?

    Hello! I took my 4 months old Neo to an exotic vet for a little fungus a week ago and he's gettig better but the vet noticed sneezing and a runny nose and prescribed Baytril, .1ccs every 12 hours and he seemed fine for 4 days, but today when I fed my boys veggies and checked Neo his nose was...
  10. acydrose

    New mom of two!

    Hello! I'm a brand new mom of two piggies, Neo and Smith, 4 months old, adopted from someone who bought them at PetSmart and couldn't commit. I've been browsing the forum for a while and finally decided to join :) xx