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  1. wickedrodent

    Hello from Wicked!

    Hi guys! A coworker was showing me a picture of her sister's new "baby!" (aka, poorly cared for guinea pig), so I directed her to some pictures of C&C cages & food charts. Naturally, I immediately thought of this site so I thought I would pop in and say hello to those of you who might remember me!
  2. wickedrodent

    I love my pigs, but...

    Ditto to the above. Crate training does wonders for destructive dogs or dogs with behavioral problems. I've met dogs that will chew walls, carpets - anything they can get their teeth on. Putting them in a "dog proof room" does nothing if the dog chews the walls IN the room. As said above, there...
  3. wickedrodent

    I love my pigs, but...

    I also agree with everyone that rehoming your pigs does not seen to be in the best interests of the pigs. As long as they are getting the proper cage size and the proper food, they're likely in a better home then they might be otherwise. I had to comment on this, as I completely disagree...
  4. wickedrodent

    Another Wicked Update =)

    I actually don't have guinea pigs - I developed a hay allergy and had to rehome my pigs years ago. I'll definitely get more rat pictures soon. We picked up our foster dog today and so we're settling in with her. Her name is Penelope and she's 5 months (ish) and 40lbs. That's it for...
  5. wickedrodent

    Another Wicked Update =)

    Hey guys! It's been awhile, again. Since I last posted, I've gotten married (August 4th), hubby and I bought a house, and we've had some pet changes. Right now we have 4 rats (three of which we just rescued tonight), 2 ferrets, 1 hamster, 1 turtle, and quite a few bettas. Here are some house...
  6. wickedrodent

    Baby Names?

    Since you have two pigs that start with R, and your third girl is Oreo, why not go with another O name for this girl? =D That's just my mild OCD acting out. LOL. Suggestions: Olivia, Odette, Olive, Opal, Ophelia, Oriana, Oriel, Oak, Onyx. ETA: I just realized that both Ruby and Oreo are 4...
  7. wickedrodent

    Veg*n High Cholesterol?

    My total cholesterol is 227 and my bad cholesterol is 154. She didn't give me the number for the good cholesterol, but she said it was "good". I just got off the phone with her. She said she told the doctor and he said it's probably genetic since I've been a vegetarian for almost 5 years. He...
  8. wickedrodent

    Veg*n High Cholesterol?

    I'm a 21 year old female and I've been a vegetarian for nearly five years. Yesterday, after a routine blood test, I found out that I have high cholesterol. Since the Dr's assistant called while I was at work, I didn't really have a chance to explain my predicament and get recommendations. I...
  9. wickedrodent

    5 years and I keep coming back!

    Hey Suzi! Great to see that you're still around and a mod now! =D Here are some cage pictures... Picasso lives in a feisty ferret normally, but we are going on vacation tomorrow-monday. Daniel (my fiance) informed me this morning that his sister and mother refused to feed Pico while we're gone...
  10. wickedrodent

    Dominance Are males ALWAYS the dominant ones?

    Females can definitely be dominant. I had pigs years ago. We started off with two females and adopted a neutered male. My girl, Daphne, was my far the dominant pig. After our male passed away we adopted another pair- a neutered male and a female. Daphne and the new girl fought for dominance. In...
  11. wickedrodent

    5 years and I keep coming back!

    Thanks guys! The ferrets are awesome. They're tied with rats as my favorite small animals, for sure. They are a handful at times and quite a bit difficult to litter train. Our first ferret, Picasso, is deaf so having a hearing ferret has been an adjustment! Mr. Davinci went to the vet on...
  12. wickedrodent

    Anyone own other furry friends besides Guineas?

    My fiance has two ferrets (one is currently being quarantined at my house) and I am fostering two rabbits. I'm not the biggest fan of rabbits. They're sort of like guinea pigs in the respect that they're not all that cuddly or interested in humans. They require an extensive diet, large housing...
  13. wickedrodent

    5 years and I keep coming back!

    Hello there! I don't know if anyone here will still remember me. I used to be a REALLY active member years ago. I think I joined back in 2006 or so when I was still researching pigs. I finally got pigs and loved having them but sadly developed a severe hay allergy and had to re-home them. I...
  14. wickedrodent

    Rock and a Hard Place

    I'm going to try and make this as short as possible, but I have to vent. I need people who think and feel the way I do and can relate to give me some help and advice. Some of you may have read about the guinea pig I fostered. My fiance's sister got it for her two year old, took horrible care...
  15. wickedrodent

    Male pig for adoption near Houston Texas

    Mr. Proteus has been adopted! A BIG thank you to PCPR for finding him a home. I'm officially a foster for them too! So excited. Thanks to all of you guys for your help. =) If for whatever reason the family cannot keep Proteus, I'll be notified and I'll become his foster mom again.
  16. wickedrodent

    Male pig for adoption near Houston Texas

    Fingers crossed; Mr. Proteus might have found a home! Jasmine from P.C.P.R and I are working out a time for me to bring him to meet his potential family. Possibly Friday or Saturday! I'll keep you guys updated! I'm so excited for the little guy.
  17. wickedrodent

    Male pig for adoption near Houston Texas

    That's too bad. Thanks anyhow! He's been named Proteus. Luke would have worked- but that's gonna be the name of my first son- soooo. Lol.
  18. wickedrodent

    Found a piggie on Craigslist!

    You'd have to get her a friend. Two male piggies and a female don't mix, even if the boys are neutered and she's spayed. If you have the room and you're willing to get her a friend- I'd say go for it. You do have a quarentine area, though, right?
  19. wickedrodent

    Male pig for adoption near Houston Texas

    Rnd - I completely understand. Thanks anyhow. =) Here's his adoption page on petfinder: Petfinder Adoptable Guinea Pig | Guinea Pig | Spring, TX | Proteus A rescue near me was nice enough to place him for adoption through their rescue. I guess that makes me an official foster-momma! =D
  20. wickedrodent

    C&C Alternatives Garage/Porch - Petstore/C&C

    Not anymore flies than could get in the house. I haven't seen any bugs. We did catch a lizard the other day, though. Our garage door has been broken for a bit so it's pretty much just a storage room for my grandparents extra stuff. Lol.