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  1. Cogni

    Darwin got out... AGAIN!

    I find it quite amazing how some piggies try things until they get a result, then build on it by trying more stuff to see what happens. Yours is obviously one of these risk-taking, determined piggies. I have a piggie of similar temperament. He is now too large and heavy to go up the grids,but...
  2. Cogni

    about my pigs toys

    For hanging towel tents, you can use binder clips. Easy, cheap! I also use 2 binder clips to fasten two grids that make the 'door' of the cage-- I unclip the clips and swing the doors open when the pigs come out for floor time or to get better access to them for med treatment etc. Zip ties...
  3. Cogni

    about my pigs toys

    Love your cage! You have the wildest fleece I've seen, good thing your piggie has a calm blue bedroom to retreat to lol My piggies love a wad of crumpled wrapping paper, or stiff tissue paper. They like to grab it and toss it up in the air. Unfortunately Tufty began to eat his paper balls...
  4. Cogni

    Cage new Guinea owner and question

    I prefer the C&C system because every few months I have to reconstruct their cage in a different place or configuration, and I appreciate the flexibility and the cost. (about $20 for plenty of grids, and a few dollars for 100 cable ties.) Plus I use grids for floor pens, because my babes are...
  5. Cogni

    Cage Feedback Please

    Wow, you are thinking it all out and doing a good job on that cage. In addition to the good comments above, I would add the following: 1) it saves room in the kitchen if you hang the water bottle on the outside of the cage, poking its spout through the grids. The holder can hold it from the...
  6. Cogni

    Cage Feedback on my new cage?

    I just love those names Tiramisu and Godiva. Sweet! I hope that pair finds a good experienced piggie-parent. I just know they can be brought out of their shells.
  7. Cogni

    Cage Feedback on my new cage?

    How cute! It looks like pink camouflage!
  8. Cogni

    Are The C&C Cages Worth The Money?

    I commend Nicolene for building and donating C&C cages to rescues!! I never thought of looking for grids in the thrift stores for some reason. This gives me an idea to maybe get something going with my animal-loving and service-oriented students.
  9. Cogni

    Are The C&C Cages Worth The Money?

    I got all my spare fleece at a big thrift store called something like Family Thrift. They have loads of beautiful fleece blankets and pieces of various sizes. My first 2 fleeces were new from Joanne's and I spent over $20 even though it was half price. Now I have loads of fleece bought at a...
  10. Cogni

    Coroplast Alternatives Alternative to coroplast?

    I agree with the above. I used a leftover formica sheet and then linoleum before I got enough coroplast. They aren't as easy to clean off in my opinion, during cage changes, nor as light or portable, but it works well enough. I suggest looking online for coroplast sources. $10 for a 4x8 foot...
  11. Cogni

    C&C Alternatives Wooden/Cardboard Cage

    LightningPig has given you exactly the link you need, for a simple step-by-step guide to making a one story C&C in 'classic' design. I just saw this post by SurfingPigs about her/his(?) new pair of abbeys, and I recommend you have a look to see how a one-story with a loft and a ramp would...
  12. Cogni

    C&C Alternatives Wooden/Cardboard Cage

    1) the pigs cannot knock the grid walls down if they are all cable-tied together in a rectangle. My Badger stands up and leans his full fat weight (over 1400 grams) against the cage wall went he wants something, and there is no way that is enough to lift the opposite side of the cage up. Butting...
  13. Cogni

    C&C Alternatives Wooden/Cardboard Cage

    You can easily make a second level for a C&C cage with grids; many people do that and you can check out the photo galleries under cages. But usually people only have a loft area, one grid wide, because if you cover too much of the first level you don't really get to see the piggies underneath...
  14. Cogni

    C&C Alternatives Wooden/Cardboard Cage

    I didn't see the responses until now. I had an old page up. But just to add to what the others have said, I just want to say now that there is no way that you need to spend $100 on a C&C cage. Mine cost $10 for the coroplast and about $21 for the grids; plus about $1.50 at a dollar store for a...
  15. Cogni

    C&C Alternatives Wooden/Cardboard Cage

    When you say the bottom will be 'space' I guess you mean just your plain floor? what is the surface, tile or something like that? lineoleum? I think coroplast (corrugated plastic, like in lawn signs) is the best bottom surface, and it is not hard to obtain in the U.S. For the sides...
  16. Cogni

    Do Guinea Pigs Share?

    You don't need to buy igloos at all. Towel or fleece tents save space. Just clip a cloth along the top of a cage, and prop the openings with something until they find their way in. My boys wouldn't sleep near each other until they got a nice LONG fleece tent with a block or something informally...
  17. Cogni

    I made a fish cosy

    By making a fish cosy, you made a pig VERY cozy! Good job!
  18. Cogni

    Cage Is this an okay Cage?

    Are you planning to adopt a companion for Willow?
  19. Cogni

    Cage Would this work?

    Oh man, I wish I had a table like that. As I understood you, you are saying the table is too LONG, right, not too short? You can overlap the grids and use cable-ties on the interior part of the grids where you have overlap. I would get another piece of coroplast if your current coro doesn't...
  20. Cogni

    Here's my "cavy camper" (aka, sleeping bag)

    What a great little tent! It looks like a 'sorting hat' (from Harry Potter) lying on its side. (Hm, lift a piggie out of a sorting hat--new magic trick!) I got an all-cotton twin mattress pad from a thrift store. It was not the fitted kind, but had elastic straps to hold it on to the...