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  1. sarahnmadison

    other boards

    Just here and a vegetarian/vegan forum.
  2. sarahnmadison

    What Other Pets Do You Have?

    I have quite the list myself: 4 guinea pigs (2 girls Roxy and Bella and 2 boys Rusty and Jack) 4 dogs (2.5-year-old German Shepard boy Boscoe, 5-year-old Yorkie girl Tyler, 8-month-old Chihuahua Tinkerbelle, and a 10- or 11-year-old Cocker Spanie girl Aspen) 6 cats (12-year-old Nissa...
  3. sarahnmadison

    My Poor Kitty.

    My two new kittens that I found are pulling this. We just took them out of quarantine two days ago and they are constantly trying to get out of the house. My daughter forgot to shut the doggie door and one snuck out but had stayed in the back yard. So we are working on training them to stay...
  4. sarahnmadison

    My Poor Kitty.

    I always advocate keeping cats indoors just because it is safer for the cat with predators, traffic, and human predators (people who are cruel to animals). A couple of examples from what I have seen: There was a boy cat that was a stray that we feed. One day, he showed up dragging his...
  5. sarahnmadison

    Guesse what I did!!

    She's cute. I love German Shepards. It broke my heart to see the animal shelter here had 7 or 8 German Shepard puppies. I have a 2.5 year old boy German Shepard I love. When one or two of my other dogs pass on, I will probably adopt a girl German Shepard when the time becomes right again.
  6. sarahnmadison

    Other Cage for parakeets?

    I have 2 parakeets. One I got as a friend for a wild bird we had and hand raised since the wild bird was lonely. The other was a "family got bored with it and didn't want it" pet. I bought the biggest cage that I could find for them and that is what they live in. Depending on what other...
  7. sarahnmadison

    I found two new kittens tonight!

    I have pics saved on my memory card but my at home computer is not transferring for some reason. I just got back from a vacation but I hope to work on it the next few days. I am eager to share pics of my new ones (aka double-trouble) with you all and my distant family/friends :)
  8. sarahnmadison

    Adoption Approved

    I only have one short-haired now myself - my boy Rusty. My daughter loves wacky haired guinea pigs as do I. My boy Jack is an abby. I have a mother/daughter that I got as rehomes where the mother Roxy is abruvian (she has the tail fan thing going on) and the daughter Bella looks more abby.
  9. sarahnmadison

    Veg*n Lame Arguments

    Thank you! It looks great. I use Melissa's Soy Meatless Taco and love it. It has a great flavor so I am sure I will enjoy that. I am going to have to look for it. There are not too many faux meats I like so I definately want to try that. My store doesn't carry this but I will look for one...
  10. sarahnmadison

    I found two new kittens tonight!

    Thank you! I was trying to get my pictures to transfer from my camera but it is not working so I will have to work on that tomorrow night since I have to get to bed soon for work. I have feeling it is going to be an application reinstall so I will deal with it all tomorrow night. It is so hard...
  11. sarahnmadison

    Veg*n Lame Arguments

    Voodoo - what is Soyrizo? I have never seen it before or heard of it at all so it peaked my curiosity.
  12. sarahnmadison

    Adoption Approved

    I love the new guinea pigs - they are so beautiful. I love Gracie's coloring too...but Ms. Piggy still steals my heart. I love wacky hair. 3 of my 4 have wacky hair.
  13. sarahnmadison

    I found two new kittens tonight!

    Thank you! I spent 2 hours at the vet this afternoon with them (maybe 5 minutes was waiting) and got home a little bit ago. Both kittens incisions were open and infected. The vet thinks they were spayed a week ago. When I called, they said they would sedate them and put stitched back in...
  14. sarahnmadison

    I found two new kittens tonight!

    Well, I went and picked up my daughter after work and we went and got on the highway to go grocery shopping. One kitten caught my eye when we were going down the highway. There is no civilization for 20 minutes either way. We stopped and backed up. That kitten walked right up to us. We...
  15. sarahnmadison

    Veg*n My Daughter

    That's good! I am glad to hear things are going well. It's a lot of trial and error. I think you will find yourself also enjoying some of the meals. My family growing up was very meat/potatoes type of family. Meat was pretty much at the meal every dinner. Through my vegetarianism, I...
  16. sarahnmadison

    Introductions; Then What?

    It looks like it is going well so far from the videos.
  17. sarahnmadison

    fancy mouse and wild mouse

    The female does sound like it is an escaped or "released" mouse. You could try to work with her and see if she can be tamed a bit. I don't think you should release her back into the wild. A white mouse makes for an easy target. It may take some work to tame her but may well be worth the...
  18. sarahnmadison

    Introductions; Then What?

    The floor is recommended because even the smallest fall can seriously hurt a guinea pig. They are pretty fragile in that regard. If you put them on the couch, they might fight and both fall off the couch. One could chase the other right off the couch. There are many possibilities. Good...
  19. sarahnmadison

    Need to Rant about my Evil Teacher!!!

    I don't know the rules at the college you are at but they should have been able to allow you to retake the test in some method (through the teacher, a proxy, etc.) if you have the medical records that you were in the hospital at the time of the test. Personally, I would fight to be able to...
  20. sarahnmadison

    We have a new cat

    Beautiful cat! Give Jackie and Lovi a few days and all will calm down. It can be hard putting older cats together at first depending on the personalities. I took my Grandma's two cats when she died. I isolated them in my bedroom for about 3 or 4 days before I let them roam the house (I read...