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  1. Lauren326

    What does a GOOD rescue look like?

    Love your idea. I would say if they choose fleece bedding, then information should be given about washing & the different ways to clean up the poops. I love the nutrition guide & think that should be given.
  2. Lauren326

    Elroy, Rockit and Chewy - New to the site (pics included)

    Your cage is amazing!!!! Piggies are super cute too :)
  3. Lauren326

    Diet Which Grass is the Best?

    Alfafa is only good for piggies under 6 months of age. But Orchard grass is fine! I get mine from KM, but I have heard others suggest when buying local to go see the bales & look through to make sure they are nice & green with no mold & soft.
  4. Lauren326

    General Question's from a newbie!

    My very 1st cage had a loft which was the kitchen & I hated it! The guinea pigs would always be under the loft & it was very difficult to clean under there. So I took it down & now this way I can move thier hideys around so they are consitantly peeing in 1 place. I have 3 boys in a 2x5 & I had...
  5. Lauren326

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    Now that I have added a kitchen area to my cage (not using u-haul in the kitchen) my cage will last 3 full days with no smell-by the 4th day there will be a small smell. Before I added the kitchen it lasted about 24 hours with no smell and that is it. I don't think that these necessarily work...
  6. Lauren326

    My Wedding! (I bought my dress!)

    Wow, congrats!!! The dress is gorgeous and love the bling ring :)
  7. Lauren326

    Bedding Kitchen area help

    Megaggie-thank you! I was totally at Walmart yesterday & saw it, but I already bought a bag of the eco bedding...so I am going to try that first. I bought a small bag for $8. If that doesn't work, I will totally try Walmarts brand. This is the first time I have ever seen it at my Walmart...
  8. Lauren326

    Bedding Kitchen area help

    Kimberly-thank you so much for the pictures. I loved how you actually sectioned it all off except for a small area! I have noticed my 3 month old will just jump right over the 6 in. coroplast & therefore kicks up a ton of shavings, hay & poop. I will definatly try this! Snickers-I haven't...
  9. Lauren326

    Bedding Kitchen area help

    Thanks everyone. I have tried yesterdays news, but like onetwo said, it also tracks & the thing I dislike even worse is how it just dissolves when wet & then I find it sticks to the coroplast (just like poop) I also had a hard time differentiating between the pellets versus poop. Please...
  10. Lauren326

    Bedding Kitchen area help

    So, I now have 6 piggies in 2 cages-3 boys in a 2x5 & 3 girls in a 2x4. (it took many different variations, but this set up seems to work the best for me) I use coroplast, 2 layers of u-haul & 1 layer of fleece. Well, I have been having smell issues-more my boys then girls, but after less...
  11. Lauren326

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Is a Boy or a Girl Guinea Pig better?

    I find my boys smell more then my girls & for some reason thier poop is bigger too..lol. However, my boys are more affectionate (coming up to me for rubs, don't run away when I pick them up, etc). But of course this is different for every pig & is not a gender thing.
  12. Lauren326

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    Nicolene- My u-haul blankets are starting to get small holes in them from wear, although I don't notice thinning. Mine also still shed. When I take out the lint filter it is completely covered with a layer from the u-haul blankets...although it is not nearly as much as it was in the...
  13. Lauren326

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    Onetwo-I wash & dry my fleece & uhaul blankets together (2 u-haul blankets & 2 fleece as I have 2 cages). I use the medium dry setting & it usually runs for 35 minutes. My fleece is completely dry & my u-haul blankets are mostly dry. There may be 1 or 2 damp spots, but I just put it in the...
  14. Lauren326

    Liners how to make a liner

    Thanks Shurrim!
  15. Lauren326

    Liners how to make a liner

    Thanks Rnd! Lissie, I sent you a message.
  16. Lauren326

    Liners how to make a liner

    I know a while back someone had posted step by step instructions with pictures on how to make a liner/bedspread like the piggy bedspread ones (with the fleece going over the sides of the coroplast). I have search this whole site & can't find that post anywhere. Can someone help me find it &...
  17. Lauren326

    Fleece Can someone give me a 'guide' on how to wash fleece?

    After its been used, I just wash it 1x, but I put it on an extra rinse.
  18. Lauren326

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    Hmmm..I only have 1 set, so they are being washed every 7-10 days. I am washing them in hot water though & put them on medium heat on the Dry setting. They have definatly shrunk, but seem to be staying put now :)
  19. Lauren326

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    So, I have been using the u haul pads for about 2 months or less. What I am finding out is that they are slowley disinigrating from washing. I keep finding very small holes in it & as I wash more, the holes are getting bigger & in more quanity. Anyone else noticing this?
  20. Lauren326

    I made a cozy bed.

    I'm in awe of your creativeness & skill!!!! Thanks for all your help! I hope you feel better soon!