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  1. PiggyKat

    My Guinea pig learned a trick!

    I was bored and on youtube one night(yes I do this a lot...it's kinda addicting!) and I saw people doing simple tricks with their guinea pigs. I thought "Hey why not try" So I got one of my pigs out and tried it....nothing. Not for all the romaine lettuce in the world would she do it. Well after...
  2. PiggyKat

    Blog Happy Holidays!

    This is the newest photo of my girls and I for the holiday season! Hope everyone has a great USA Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate! I found these at Target(I remember someone posting they found some there and looked and they were only a $1 each!!!) They are awesome! It...
  3. PiggyKat

    Blog Piggy scrapbook

    So today is my birthday( :D )and I was asked what I wanted. I am a whole quarter century old today!(25 but :shhh: I feel old) So I decided I wanted some stuff to make a scrapbook for my pigs. It'll keep me occupied with my $600 Canon Rebel and use my scrap booking talents! I was wondering if...
  4. PiggyKat

    This craigs list add really bothered me...

    It's not a breeder but might as well be. It really bothered me how she said "I will not separate the pigs even though one is male and the other is female...both not fixed..... Sorry I had to rant about it Pair of Guinia Pigs and Cage
  5. PiggyKat

    Blog Newest family photo!

    This is the newest family photo of the girls! I was so happy with how it turned out though my pig on the far right looks a little weird. Moo(far left) loves making faces at the camera!:love: I just had to share!lol
  6. PiggyKat

    Sounds My Pig Chirped!!

    I was laying in my bed half asleep when I started hearing this weird noise. It was about 5am and the birds were waking up so I figured there was a bird really close to my window. The more I began to wake up the more I realized it was coming from inside my room! I sat up in the dark and listened...
  7. PiggyKat

    Blog The piggy adventure

    So I went and got coroplast today. Two pieces green and red....cost more than I wanted but whatever. Got it home enjoyed(not)putting all the little cubes together and now that I do have it together I have no idea how I am going to clean it! grrr. It is a 2x5 stacked and while it looks nice and...
  8. PiggyKat

    Blog Then there were 4....

    So after going to the Humane Society about an hour away to "look"(honest!) I feel in love with a pair of sister sows. They are so cute! Intros went well and can be found in my thread(Click Here!). They only weight 410 and 480 grams! my pigs weigh 550g and 800g! So right now they are my baby...
  9. PiggyKat

    2 new sows!!

    So after waiting I found an adoptable pair at a local shelter! Horray! I went and visited today and decided to adopt them! They are really sweet pigs! Come to the cage and wheeked for me as I walked through the door! Even when they saw that I didn't have food they still were wheeking for...
  10. PiggyKat

    Blog Piggy with Allergies

    So after about three weeks on antibiotics and one getting better and my other pigs still sneezing my vet thinks it might be allergies. I mentioned isn't that rare in pigs? She told me that there is no discharge from my pigs nose for about two weeks yet still sneezing. She said to try this and...
  11. PiggyKat

    Blog You Tube piggies

    Chup and Moo are on You Tube! lol Here are my links: Wheeking Lettuce Battle Enjoy!!!
  12. PiggyKat

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI drug question.

    My vet gave me sulfatrim suspension 240mg/ml and couldn't find it on Guinea Lynx or on other peoples topics. Has anyone else used this? My vet seemed rather cavy savvy but I also want to know if anyone else has used this. It's an oral dose of 0.20ml for Moo and 0.30ml for Chup twice a day. They...
  13. PiggyKat

    Blog Moo and Chups first vet visit

    Well after the sheezing became wheezing I knew that they needed to get to the vet. It was a very small wheeze but I didn't want to take any chances. Plus they had never seen a vet before(only 8 and 9 weeks old). The day started out good actually caught Chup(she likes to be my little runner) and...
  14. PiggyKat

    Introductions Best age for introductions?

    I currently have two sows that are just over two months old. I adopted them wanting more and they are settling nicely after a month here with me. I was reading on introductions and was wondering when is the best age to introduce new pig, or pigs, to my little herd. I want to wait until they are...
  15. PiggyKat

    Bathing Wet wash cloth..

    So my pigs love their hammock but of course they pee in it then hid under it getting nasty. Not gross enough to wash them completely. I took a warm wet washcloth today to them and they didn't seem to mind it. In fact Chup was purring the whole time and quite happy to be pampered! I towel dryed...
  16. PiggyKat

    2010 Olympics!!

    I was sitting here watching Mens Speed skating and wondering who else is watching the 2010 Olympic games? And if you are watching, which sports are your favorite? I enjoy speed skating and hockey!:love:
  17. PiggyKat

    Introductions New Owner bringing home her 1st pigs

    I am brand new to guinea pigs though I have been doing research on this site and abroad. I was trying to find information on how to bring your pigs home(I don't have a carrier) and any advice on well... anything! 1-When I bring them home is it important to leave them be for a day or so? Or am I...
  18. PiggyKat


    Hello my name is Kat and I have joined this forum to learn more about guinea pigs and to help myself with my own. I have recently adopted two young sows and will be picking them up tomorrow! I have a C&C 2x3 set up and would love to go bigger however my room currently just can't support it. I...