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  1. Rizzy

    Teeth One incisor wobbly, possibly broken

    Hi, One of my boys Fudge is a constant cage biter. I noticed yesterday that the top left incisor was sticking further out of his mouth. I had a touch and it felt wobbly. I looked today and now it is bent the opposite way towards his mouth. Is it possible that it is broken above the gum line...
  2. Rizzy

    Heart Issues Heart piggy on medication but still hooting

    Thanks for your replies. The vet did mention that an increased heart rate was a side effect of Bricanyl, which is what he wanted. It seems to be working. I will ask him about the other medications mentioned in that link. He did say he wants to take her off the medication in a month if...
  3. Rizzy

    Heart Issues Heart piggy on medication but still hooting

    Hi, I have a one year old girl who was recently diagnosed with heart problems. I noticed her hooting some mornings and took her to the vet. He said she had a very slow heart rate (120 BPM which is extremely slow for a guinea pig) and an irregular rhythm. I give her medication morning and...
  4. Rizzy

    Australia [Sydney] Wood pellets and vets?

    David Vella seems to be the only vet is Sydney that specialises in guinea pigs (as far as I know). Though if you take your piggies to the North Shore Veterinary Centre for emergency reasons, and he isn't available, you will be faced with vets who don't know a thing about guinea pigs. I took my...
  5. Rizzy

    Australia Bunny Wonderland Online Store?

    This site is definitely not dodgy. I have used it many times in the past. Their hay is the greenest that I can find in Sydney. The service is great too. My parcels are usually courier delivered 2-3 days after ordering. The lady who runs the store even offered to personally deliver my hay on...
  6. Rizzy

    Australia Where can I buy fresh and cheap hays in Sydney

    Which area in Sydney are you from? I normally get my hay from Bunny Wonderland but I'm guessing that this is where you get your hay since they are out of stock at the moment. My back up store to buy hay is a pet store in Chatswood Westfield. They sell decent quality meadow and oaten hay, but its...
  7. Rizzy

    Australia Grids available online (Aussie website) Bases and ramps will come soon

    I actually purchased more grids from that site. The grids did end up arriving when they said they would. The only issue I have with the grids was that they aren't as thick/sturdy as the ones I previously bought on eBay. In order to make make a base for the cage, I had to completely replace my...
  8. Rizzy

    Fleece Fleece not wicking

    Before I got my piggies, I thought my fleece was not wicking at all. I tried spilling water on and it wouldn't wick after 5 washes. I then tried applying more pressure by pouring water on with a cup or using a needle-less syringe and it worked that way. I was still unsure whether it would...
  9. Rizzy

    Lump Found a lump

    Hi, I have found a lump on my piggies back. It is soft and is around the size of a small coin. There is also a hardened puss-like substance on top. There is also flaky bits of skin in the hair around it. This is the best picture I could take. She gets very squirmy. I just thought I should ask...
  10. Rizzy

    Behavior No more wheeking

    Hey guys, I've had my two girls for nearly two months now. But for the last three or four days they have pretty much stopped wheeking. They used to do it mainly around breakfast and dinner time. Also sometimes when they hear a plastic bag rustling. Ive heard Nym wheek a couple of times at...
  11. Rizzy

    Australia Aussie u-haul alternatives? Anyone had any successes?

    Hey everyone. Just a question to those who use Bunnings movers blankets. Are these supposed to be washed before use? The reason I ask is because I bought a blanket yesterday and it doesnt seem to absorb very well. The water sits on top, similar to fleece that has not wicked yet. Any advice...