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  1. labgirl5

    Bonding Introduction of Zues and Cooper

    I got a new piggie the week before last since my baby Ralphie passed away at the beginning of October and I knew that Cooper would be happier with a friend. I got him from a local shelter and they said he had been at the shelter for a while (even though he seems very young - I'm guessing he was...
  2. labgirl5

    In Memory of Ralphie

    Ralphie was my Abyssinian guinea pig (pictured in my profile pic). I noticed he was ill Thursday, but he seemed to be getting better. I wanted to take him into the vet Friday, but by the time I realized that I would have to most of the vets were closed. So I took him in Saturday morning. He...
  3. labgirl5

    Sick Ralphie's Acting weird; lethargic, puffed up fur, mucus

    My pig Ralphie is ~2.5 years. He's never had any prior illnesses until now. He lives with Cooper, who is showing none of the same signs/sickness. Ralphie had been acting a bit weird yesterday, and he turned pretty lethargic. He seemed to be more interested to eat as the day went on, so I was...
  4. labgirl5

    General Painting, Paint Type, and Time?

    Hello, I am planning on painting the room that my guinea pigs are currently housed in; I'd obviously move the guinea pigs out of the room, but I was wondering if anyone knew a good, low-fume paint that is relatively animal safe, and how long I would have to keep my guinea pigs out of the room?
  5. labgirl5

    Diet Grape Leaves?

    Can guinea pigs eat non-treated, pesticide-free grape leaves?
  6. labgirl5

    Upper Levels Loft & Ramp Questions!

    Hello, I'm buying a piece of 4' by 8' coroplast and depending on what I have left over, I plan on making a loft. I currently have a 2x4 C&C for my two boys. Below are some questions I have. - How would I secure the piece of coroplast so it doesn't cave into the cage below? Are you supposed to...
  7. labgirl5

    Joy So Excited! New Piggie!

    Ralphie now has a friend... Cooper! He's a black Abby like Ralphie, but he doesn't have an orange nose lol. Since he was in the shelter for 1 month+ without any illness signs, I introduced them today, and it went as expected–mounting, rumble-strutting, and teeth-chattering all the way! After a...
  8. labgirl5

    Behavior Is Lying Down a Good Thing?

    Whenever I stroke my guinea pig's back, he lays down and sprawls his back legs out–like he's relaxing. Yet I've only had him for three months, and he's not fully tamed, so does it mean he's enjoying being petted, or he's scared and trying to go closer to the floor? lol
  9. labgirl5

    Reference Got Wicking Problems?

    Hello! The following worked for me. I cannot guarantee that it will work well for everybody, but I added everything I did to the fleece before it wicked. Okay, so I bought two 1.5 yard anti-pill fleece blankets from Joann's. I washed and dried both blankets four times, the first three times...
  10. labgirl5

    Fleece Fleece/U-Haul Questions

    Hello! I'm getting fleece today, for my soon-to-be 2x4 C&C cage (I would do larger, but it is literally as big as I can manage, it's 2x3 C&C right now but I feel it's a bit cramped). I am also converting my old pet store cage base into a kitchen. Anyways, I have a few questions about fleece and...
  11. labgirl5

    Fleece No-Sew Liner Idea

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had tried sandwiching a layer of U-haul in between two fleece blankets and securing them by tying the edges, like a no-sew fleece blanket? Do you think that it would come apart in the washer/dryer? Thanks in advance! :)
  12. labgirl5

    Post Your Guinea Pig(s) Nicknames!

    My guinea pig Ralphie's nickname is Ralphers. My guinea pig Francisco, who passed away last July, had quite a few nicknames: Franny, Francis, Franny banannie, Fran, Franny Fran. I find it funny how easily nicknames come along, without even having to think about it! lol
  13. labgirl5

    General Pet Store Cage Alright for Quarantine?

    I am getting a buddy for my guinea pig Ralphie this weekend, and I'm very excited! A shelter near me JUST posted a few pictures of their guinea pigs, and now I have my eye on a very cute boar :). Anyways, he's been at the shelter for around three weeks with another guinea pig. I still am going...
  14. labgirl5

    Bonding Questions on Bonding

    Hello! If all goes according to plan, I will be hopefully getting a new male friend for my pig Ralphie in a couple of months. He's in a 2x3 C&C right now, but I would be upgrading to a 2x5 C&C when I get him a friend. Of course, my room which I keep the cage in is very small as it is, so I would...
  15. labgirl5

    Behavior What does running "zoomies" imply?

    Hello all :). So, today, I let my piggie out of his cage for floor time. He has free roam of my room during floor time, which includes under my bed. Since I've only had him for two weeks, I didn't want to scare him so I sat against my dresser, and watched what he did. Then, all of the sudden, he...
  16. labgirl5

    Animal Welfare Is Kiln-Dried Pine Really Safe?

    I've seen both sides on kiln-dried pine bedding (whether it's safe or not). I don't use pine bedding, but I am curious to see your opinions on this topic. I am honestly not positive it is really safe or not, seeing as I can't get seem to reach a strong study done on this subject; does...
  17. labgirl5

    C&C How to make a C&C cage lid with grids?

    Hello! My guinea pig is a climber, unfortunately. He somehow finds a way to climb up the side of the grids and pull himself over. Now I need to make a lid for the cage out of grids. How do I do that, exactly? And so I can easily open and close it? Thanks!
  18. labgirl5

    I've Raised an Escape Artist!

    Well... for a week, anyways . My GP Ralphie is VERY insistent on escaping his cage. I have made a temporary lid out of grids for now. First he escaped from his bent-grid covered with fleece, then from on top of his pigloo! I'm not exactly sure what he does from there (whether he jumps/climbs or...
  19. labgirl5

    Coroplast How much coroplast for a 3x3?

    Okay, so I have a 2x3 cage at the moment w/out coroplast but I'd like to get some. I do not have room for a 2x4, but I do for a 3x3 :), so that is definitely an option since I am planning on switching to fleece soon! Does anyone have the size of coro sheet I would need with 6 in. walls? Possibly...
  20. labgirl5

    My New Pig, Ralphie!

    I adopted a pig today! Even though my cage is not completely done (it's raining, so I can't exactly construct it outside...) I had the grids put together in a 2x3 C&C style, and I just put some puppy pads I had leftover on the floor and a temporary sheet over it, so that's Ralphie's cage for...