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  1. 2x4 & 1x2 loft

    2x4 & 1x2 loft

    I actually built it a while ago, but never uploaded a picture yet. But anyway, here it is. You can see Butterfinger up top wondering what I'm up to.
  2. T.HayLover

    Injury Oreo's ear

    Yeah, it's Oreo's right ear, so I guess that's not it. I just feel like it is not a bite because of how it looks. It looks like a completely symmetrical trapezoid. It looks like someone could have used a cookie cutter, that's how straight it is.
  3. T.HayLover

    Hello, I am new to this forum and rescue Guinea Pigs and other small animals!

    Welcome! So cute, spongebob and patrick!! I like Rocky's coloring. They're all so adorable.
  4. T.HayLover

    I can't believe she just said that

    That's horrible. There's no excuse for something like that. I can't believe she told her daughter that. That shows that it's okay to mistreat animals. I hope she knows what she's doing, because that's kind of disturbing. I don't care if she's trying to stop her from picking it up, that...
  5. T.HayLover

    Injury Oreo's ear

    That's okay, thanks for your input. I just always think the worst.
  6. T.HayLover

    Injury Oreo's ear

    I don't know. I can't help but think that it has to be something that was deliberately done. It's not jagged at all. It is perfectly symmetrical between the left and right sides. It's an odd shape, more like a trapezoid.
  7. T.HayLover

    if i see this person again im seriously thinking about hurting them.

    That's so sad! I can't believe some people. Hopefully they can find a match for the car. I'm sorry for what happened.:sad:
  8. T.HayLover

    Injury Oreo's ear

    It might not be medical, but I am curious to know what everyone thinks happened to her ear. It seems too perfectly straight of a cut to be a bite from another animal. Me and my dad think the worst, that her ear was tagged in some way or something. I received Oreo from a lady who posted an...
  9. Oreo


    Like her sister, around a year old in December.
  10. T.HayLover

    Diet Weight loss tips?

    I'm curious about this too. I just got a pair of females and they seem overweight. I was hoping exercise would help, since they were stuck in a smaller cage before I got them.
  11. T.HayLover

    Hey everybody--warning, LONG introduction:)

    Hi, welcome to the forum! I tried reading your whole post, but I only got half way through. Sorry. It's nice of you to take on two pregnant guinea pigs. Hopefully you'll find all the help you need here. I read a little more carefully, and I noticed you have a young boar too, right? It may...
  12. T.HayLover

    Breeding Anti breeding?

    Very interesting debate. I can't say exactly how I feel in regards to everything, but even with special licenses and yearly inspections, people always get around it. That's what I'm concerned with. They need to enforce these things better. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, because it's great...
  13. T.HayLover

    I wasn't planning on getting any guineas yet, but...

    Thanks, they're very cute. Apparently the lady who placed the ad got the guinea pigs for her kids, and they didn't want to care for them. These two were the only ones they had. I was glad that the lady wasn't breeding, they're definitely two girls. They are a little chunky, which made me...
  14. Butterfinger


    Around a year old.
  15. T.HayLover

    I wasn't planning on getting any guineas yet, but...

    It happened.:) I'm still a little distraught, but I'm happy to hear wheeking again. No one will ever replace my original two, but I simply must have guinea pigs in my life. I kept trying to go in the dining room to check on GuinGuin even though she wasn't there. This worried my family more...
  16. T.HayLover

    I'm now guinea pig-less.

    Thank you all for being here. It means more to me than you may think. doglaurasmudge, Thank you for the link. I've bookmarked it and it seems very nice.
  17. T.HayLover

    I'm now guinea pig-less.

    Thank you, I may decide to adopt later, I don't know if I'm ready yet though. I was just thinking of how I had GuinGuin for a third of my life. I'm 21 and she is seven. It's no wonder why I'm so upset. My family says new guineas would help, but I'm just not sure yet. If I do get some, I...
  18. T.HayLover

    I'm now guinea pig-less.

    :weepy: I can't even begin to say how I feel. I lost Linny in January, and now my GuinGuin finally crossed over the bridge. Hopefully there's plenty of timothy hay and lettuce waiting for her. I just don't know what else to say. Thanks for helping her enjoy the last of her life in a much...
  19. T.HayLover

    Pellets Changed guinea pigs to new food: wont eat it!

    Your main pellets should either be timothy hay based or alfalafa based depending on the age of your pigs. Having corn (which doesn't seem to be a natural food for any animal) isn't ideal. The seeds could be a choking hazard if they are in the shell and could fatten your pig. Fruit should...
  20. T.HayLover

    Comment by 'T.HayLover' in media 'Emily and Ally'

    So cute! I love the flamingo fleece too!