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  1. Neferyn

    Supplements How to give vitamin C to a piggie that doesn't eat her veggies

    Hi there. So, my 6 months female piggie doesn't like the veggies that are rich in vitamin C. She eats lettuce, 2 cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and 2 cucumber slices daily plus her pellets and hay. I've tried introducing more veggies with the sprinkling method but it only made her not eat her...
  2. Neferyn

    Pigsitting Check-list for my pigsitter (need sugestions)

    Hey guys. In August i'm going on vacations and my piggie will stay with a friend for 2 weeks. She's knowledgeable about animals in general but she never had a piggie before so i'm doing a list of danger signals she should pay attention to. Can you help me out and see if i'm missing something...
  3. Neferyn

    Weight Weight graph

    Hi there! After having a bad experience with my first guinea pig that i always feel guilty afterwards cause i think if i weighted her more often i probably would have detect something was wrong sooner i now weight this one every couple of days and make an exel graph. I like graphs and i think...
  4. Neferyn

    Pellets What type of Oxbow pellets?

    I've seen here that most of you recommend Oxbow pellets for the cavies. I'm thinking about ordering some Oxbow pellets and hay since the best quality guinea pig food we have in my country is Verselle-laga and i've seen people here say it sucks. My question is what type of Oxbow do you...
  5. Neferyn

    Fleece Should i use it during summer?

    Hello there! I'm a recent guinea pig owner and i use a layer of towels with a layer of fleece on top. I was wondering if people that live in warmer climates change their cage bedding during summer. I've read that guinea pigs are very sensible to hot weather and in my country we can get up to...
  6. Neferyn

    New owner and her Sheltie (with some questions)

    Hello there! I've been following this forum for some months now and decided to finally introduce my piggie. She's a 6 weeks old black sheltie named Miss Moneypenny and she currently weights 287 grams. She's currently in a commercial cage of 120x60 cm. I will upgrade this in a few months when i...