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  1. darkmuffins

    Mexico & South America Air travel with guinea pigs

    Hi all! I'm moving from México City to Ensenada (Baja California). It's a non-stop 3.5 hour flight. Taking my two five-year old male guinea pigs is very important to me. I do not want to give them up for adoption. I was wondering if any of you have safely moved guinea pigs by airplane? Also...
  2. darkmuffins

    Sounds purring?

    Hi! I have two boars: one is two years old, the other is 1 1/2 years old. They get along great. I was wondering what does it mean when the older one "purrs"? He usually does this when I pet him and also when I pet his brother (actually, when I pet the younger one, the older guinea approaches...
  3. darkmuffins

    Grooming Shaving hair

    Hi all! I have a 14-month-old adorable male guinea (peruvian). He had some issues with dermatophytes in the past, but he´s ok now. However, because of his breed, his hair grows very, very long and the vet told me to keep it short so the grooming and cleaning of the fur would be easier. I have...
  4. darkmuffins

    Behavior Fur chewing!

    Hello, all! I have two male GPs: the older one is 1.5 years old, the younger is 1 year old. I have noticed that: a) Whenever I pet the younger one, the older GP immediately runs over and puts himself between my hand and his brother. b) When I brush the smaller one´s hair, the older GP starts...
  5. darkmuffins

    General Is any pest control safe?

    Hi, all! I just wanted to know if the electronic pest repellers are safe for guinea pigs, because they are certainly NOT safe for other rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels. Thank you! :cheerful:
  6. darkmuffins

    Vision Night Vision.

    Hi all! Can guinea pigs see in the dark at all? Thank you!
  7. darkmuffins

    Skin Problems flumethasone ok?

    Hi, all! My 7 month-old male guinea is being treated with "Revolution" for ectoparasites by his veterinary. But today, another vet suggested that I treat him with flumethasone also, in case there was a bacterial infection complicating the disease. As far as I know, guineas aren´t supposed to be...
  8. darkmuffins

    Sounds purring and "cooing"

    Hi guys, So I just read in some old thread that "purring" when stroking could mean that piggy likes it. But my GP does another thing also: when I pick him up for lap time and I sit down to watch TV or whatever, he lays on my legs and makes this sort of "cooing" sound... it´s not a wheek-wheek...
  9. darkmuffins

    Mexico & South America GP adoption

    Hi, does anyone know where I can adopt a young (like 6 months old) male guinea pig? I already have a 6 month-old GP, but I want him to have a buddy. I live in México City, by the way. Thank you!
  10. darkmuffins

    Cage cage chewer

    Hi all, I just got a 2 x 4 C&C cage (which is great, by the way) and my GP seems to love it... the only concern I have is that he sometimes chews on the cubes, enough to peel-off the plastic coating. He does have chewing toys inside the cage and I do provide lap and floor time: Is he bored? Is...
  11. darkmuffins

    Cage Cage Escape

    Hello all, I´m going to get a C&C open cage (2x4) and I was wondering if my 6 month-old GP would be able to climb out of it. He spends like 8-10 hrs alone each day so I´m worried that he might get out. Thanks for the info!
  12. darkmuffins

    Behavior I want to hold my gp!

    Hi all! I got my guinea pig about three months ago... He lets me pet him, he eats out of my hand and plays with me. Nevertheless, he still doesn´t let me pick him up and hug him (unless I run after him for a while)... and I really, really want to hold him, he´s sooo cute! Any advice on how to...
  13. darkmuffins

    Chewing Cardboard-eater

    Hi, I´m concerned because my piggy loves to EAT the newspaper and carboard boxes I give him to cuddle. I was worried this might hurt him... does it? Thanx!