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  1. ali815

    Eyes/Non-crusty Guinea Pig with Bloody Eye

    Hi everyone, My little boy Yuengling has had a tiny pink bump at the corner of his eye for about a year now. I took him to the vet when it first popped up; the vet gave me drops and he's seemed fine since then. I left my my house at fiveish yesterday to visit family and came back at noon...
  2. ali815

    Behavior Guinea pig won't stop wasting food!!!

    Title says it all. He would always tip over bowls, so I ended up getting him larger, heavier ones. I haven't found anything so heavy it won't tip over if he stands on it, though, and apparently he needs all his food to be exactly at mouth-level to eat it -_- I got him a sort of L-shaped food...
  3. ali815

    Eyes/Non-crusty Pig has a stye in his eye?

    Hi all, I have a 4.5 year old guinea pig named Yuengling. A couple of days ago, I noticed he had some sort of eye inflammation. There's a reddish-pink bump in the inner corner of his eye, almost like a stye? His eyes are not sunken or bugging out; he has no noticeable eye or nose crust...
  4. ali815

    Play Your Pig's Favorite Toys?

    So I used to have a pair of pigs, but recently I had to put my little Ninj down. I still have another pig, Yuengling, and I've noticed that he's started acting a lot differently during floor time now that he doesn't have someone to chase around and bug. He comes up to me and puts his paws on me...
  5. ali815

    General Worried Sick about Remaining Pig

    So my Ninja, my first pet and original pig, my little homie, had to be put to sleep yesterday afternoon. It was really rough. The vet wasn't sure exactly what was wrong with him; she was thinking maybe kidney failure because the antibiotics hadn't seemed to help him at all. So when I get home...
  6. ali815

    RIP Lil Ninj

    Just lost my baby Ninja. He was only three years old. I loved him very much but he was having kidney failure and I had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep. He was my first pet and I miss him terribly.
  7. ali815

    Aggression Give back or separate?

    Okay, so I adopted a second guinea pig to keep my current one company. He a total sweetie, pretty dumb, loves to run around and popcorn until he either runs into something or falls over. I've only had him for about a week but I've already bonded with him. Only problem: this is the exact opposite...
  8. ali815

    Behavior What Do These Squeaks Mean?

    I've got a six month old male guinea pig. Usually, if I watch a YouTube video with guinea pigs in it and they squeak, he runs to the side of his cage and squeaks for a second before getting distracted. Today, though, I watched a video with some audible squeaking and rumbling, and he FREAKED out...
  9. ali815

    Vegetables Moldy Kale? Help!

    So I just fed my little guy some kale, which was going a little brown on the edges but generally looked fine. He wasn't liking it too much, though, and when I examined the kale more closely, I noticed some black spots on it. I immediately took all the kale away and gave him something else, but...
  10. ali815

    Behavior Some Basic Piggie Questions

    Hi! I've recently adopted a new pig. I had guinea pigs when I was younger, but since this is the first one I'm taking care of by myself, I'm a little nervous and need some silly questions answered for my peace of mind lol. First of all: Ninja (my little guy) has started laying down outside his...