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  1. grace&piggies

    Stones Bladder stone removal on 8 year old guinea pig

    Winifred's previous thread was too old to edit. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/114889-Superlorin-implant-7yr-old-pig-showing-signs-of-ovarian-cysts?highlight= Today Winifred had surgery to remove a bladder stone stuck in her urethra. Yes, anaesthesia on an 8 year old guinea pig...
  2. grace&piggies

    Ovarian Cysts Superlorin implant - 7yr old pig showing signs of ovarian cysts

    Hi all, I thought I would detail Winifred's experience to provide insight to other guinea pig parents. Please note this is my experience and consulting a knowledgeable vet about your case is super vital. My Winifred is now 7 years and 4 months old. She is in otherwise good health however in the...
  3. grace&piggies

    Neutering/Spaying Postoperative caution

    Winifred has a new boyfriend. I picked this new babe up from the RSPCA on October 13th. He had been desexed on October 9th. On the 21st we visited the vet to have his external stitches removed. I showed the vet that just above each incisional scar he had a very small lump, one side larger than...
  4. grace&piggies

    Australia Gumtree experiences

    Does anyone have any positive experiences adopting through Gumtree?
  5. grace&piggies

    Photos Winifred's new gal pal

    Meet Winifred's new friend, Anise! Aside from a few little starts involving food, the pair are getting along well and Winifred has perked up so much. She's even back to running over for pats which she hadn't down in a couple of weeks :)
  6. grace&piggies

    Goodnight, Willy

    I'm so upset. I cannot remember crying this much ever. Winifred is just as upset as I am, if not more so. I came home to her crying, standing over his body. Since then she has not stopped throwing the contents of her cage around, continuously crying. We put up a hard fight to beat his...
  7. grace&piggies

    Teeth I need help with a dental issue.

    Willy has had a few consults and surgery for malocclusion. It has been less than two weeks and his front teeth are already grinding crooked. I'm not not what path for treatment I should pursue. He has most likely developed some degree of scurvy which I have been addressing since I realised he'd...
  8. grace&piggies

    Carefresh Tips for carefresh, please?

    Willy and Winifred's summer house is under construction. Depending on if they gain a new friend or two, the size of this c&c cage is still up in the air. I'm thinking of using carefresh as the bedding. What I was wanting some guidance with was about how quickly would I go through it? I've also...
  9. grace&piggies

    Adopting a third... And fourth!

    I think I might go for it. I've been watching this piggy Caramel, and her mother, Coco, on their listings at this rescue for a while and I've become attached. As I am currently building Willy and Winifred's summer house and have the space to make a larger cage than I had originally planned for...
  10. grace&piggies

    Australia Sourcing piggy food & cage supplies

    If anyone is having trouble sourcing pellets, hay, or even cage supplies, just ask me. I've had very little trouble finding it all at good prices, so I'm sure I can help you too :) If you're looking for Oxbow cavy cuisine pellets, they have an Australian website with links to their ebay page...
  11. grace&piggies

    Pellets Where to get pellets in Australia?

    I have never seen oxbow or any other brand mentioned on here at the shops, pet food foods, etc ever. Just wondering if anyone else residing in Australia has had any better luck or if I should order online..?
  12. grace&piggies


    Hi, I'm Grace. My two adorable piglets are Willy and Winifred. They are playmates and love pop-corning around the house and playing chasings! Willy was adopted from the RSPCA in May 2009 and as per their policy, he was neutered. This turned out to be a two month ordeal for the poor little fella...