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  1. lunarminx

    Bedding Wood pellets or uhaul

    Go with wood pellets!
  2. lunarminx

    Fleece Fleece Bedding Not Drying In Dryer/Is Prolonged Damp Fleece Dangerous For Piggies?

    I have had fleece air dry in a few hours. As bpatter asked are you using liners?
  3. lunarminx

    C&C C & C kitchen needs daily cleaning??

    I just line a box with newspaper, cover with hay off and on during the day and it gets dumped every other day. The only time it smells is if it doesn't get dumped by day 3.
  4. lunarminx

    Hiding Male guinea pig living alone

    I had 4 boars and this was the cage I had to make to keep them from fighting as one was very territorial. Also when I put the two bonded pairs together, they did split and rebond with another from the other pair. I thought two bonded pairs would be fine. This was their first cage.I had to go...
  5. lunarminx

    General Neuter the male or spay the female?

    I think it's awesome that they neuter at that age. I think you guys do puppies and kittens younger than America does too.
  6. lunarminx

    Cleaning Cage Cleaning

    I have to say when you see the spotless photos, it's is normally right after a cleaning. I found when I had a second story that they went up the ramp if the incline wasn't too bad. You can always put a brick under the ramp to make it less of an incline. And mine always had hay everywhere unless...
  7. lunarminx

    General New baby in the herd.

    Grats on the baby. I can't wait for photos.
  8. lunarminx

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    No, it's just the photos made the cage look small. A 2x6 is the minimum and is fine. Are they all girls? if so that will be fine. If all boys you will want it 5 or 6 grids long and 3 wide as they need more room to help stop squabbles. My 4 boys were in a 3x6 any narrower and there was a ton of...
  9. lunarminx

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    How big is the c&c now and are you only going to add the end pieces that make it an L shape because that would seem small for 5 pigs that are young.
  10. lunarminx

    Sexing Would adding a baby boy to a heard of 3 ladies be a bad idea?

    Many shelters will neuter the small pets. Check pet finder to see if any are in your area and check the infor of the pet to see if they fixed it. this is an example. https://www.petfinder.com/small-furry/male-number-1-44492678/sk/cando/prairie-pooches-rescue-sk29/
  11. lunarminx

    Introductions are 2 new pigs a good idea?

    bpatters is correct, make the area very large for introductions. Mine spent ours on the floor during the first I ever did and it went bad once in the cage. So I had to separate for the night, cleaned the cage fully, gave buddy baths and it was fine afterwards and another very long intro.
  12. lunarminx

    Hay Farm/ Feed Store bought hay. Is it ok? Pics included.

    Where the farms do specialize for pigs, they have to state what they are selling and be correct about it. It looks like a bale of orchard grass I have bought before.
  13. lunarminx

    How Many? Add Males or Females to my two Boar's?

    Not always true, I had two neutered boars with my sows. One was about 2 years old and the old man was about 6 plus years old. When I first got muggle fixed to go in with the old man and sows, he tried starting trouble but the girls put him in his place. They lived that way until the old man...
  14. lunarminx

    My guinea pigs favorite thing in the world is "fill in the blank*

    Two of mine love to nibble on Outshine Fruit bars. I know it's wrong but I let them take a bite or two. They love the Strawberry and the Pineapple.
  15. lunarminx

    General Advice for having 3 boars please

    A wider 3x cage over say a 2x6 cage. Three boars wouldn't work. My 4 boars never got along in a 2x cage, no matter how long. I would say a 3x5-6 would be a good size. If they decide to add another boar, it would help out much more. Here was my 3x6 and 4 boars.They had a blast in it. If they...
  16. lunarminx

    Introductions are 2 new pigs a good idea?

    If you try, please use a cage that is 3 c&c wide and minimum 4 grids long. I have had much better luck with 4 boars with the wider cage. And my four sows are in a 3x4 cage now. And if you do need two cages, stacked works really well.
  17. lunarminx

    Hello 😊 need ideas with long distance move advice!

    Once you are done with the drive and at your new home, if you use ac, they should be fine. I would only worry if the house gets over 80 degrees. You can also take two cubes and bend, zip tie together to make a big flat top tunnel per pig, cover and lay frozen water bottles on them. The cool air...
  18. lunarminx

    Covers How do you make a lid for a C&c cage?

    You can also make a lid from grids. Zip them in a pattern like in the photo. Make two sides and zip them together. Use 2 wonder bars for support. https://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/rods-bars. the done lid should look like this. and can open one side at a time. The easiest is the shelving, I...
  19. lunarminx

    Fighting Please help: Keep working on bonding or separate?

    I would make a wider cage for them. My 4 males did better in a 3x cage, over a 2x cage.They got along much better than any 2x cage, no matter how long.
  20. lunarminx

    Behavior Im confident my gp hate me. Should I lookfor new owner?

    I have had only two very friendly pigs and both were adopted seniors. I would try to find a neutered boar for her. You will need two food bowls, bottles and a large enough hay area that both can eat from or lay down in. Do an intro after a 2 week to a month quarantine if you didn't do a...