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  1. RoseCarter

    Pellets Oxbow

    Just bought a new bag of pellets for my two piggies. The brand was a bit higher priced but oh my how good it smells to me. Its Oxbow Simple Harvest. I was delighted to see these guinea pigs munch them. 😀 Needed to share my excitement.
  2. RoseCarter

    Cage New bed pads

    My new washable bed pads arrived and they are a bit big for the inside of cage. Has anyone ever trimmed these to fit?
  3. RoseCarter

    Puppy Pads New to fleece.

    I have a 30x50 homemade cage and am getting ready to switch to fleece. I will be making my own liners. Wanted to know if puppy pads work well. Have thought about cloth diapers for my absorbant layers. Has anyone tried diapers? If so what were your thoughts?
  4. RoseCarter

    Behavior Strong and determined

    Geeze..there is no way to keep this cage in order. My fur balls rearrange everything. Every morning I spot clean and I find timothy hay in their beds. I also gave toys to chew on. The toys are never in the same place twice. Its great to know they are having fun while I'm asleep. Lol
  5. RoseCarter

    Grow Your Own Timothy grass

    If I grew timothy grass would the fresh stuff be enough or do they need the timothy hay? Isn't fresh better?
  6. RoseCarter

    Grow Your Own Herb,flower and veggie garden

    I'm big into gardening. Have been planning my spring planting based on our diet and stuff for our new guinea pigs. Has anyone else planted stuff to share with their piggies?
  7. RoseCarter

    Feet Nail trim

    Not sure how to hold my guinea pig for a nail trim. I've never grasped anything this small. Don't want to scare them but nails need done. Suggestions please😊
  8. RoseCarter

    Diet Using both

    Should I keep hay and pellets in cage day and night? Or just hay?
  9. RoseCarter

    Bully pig

    Well I've had my two girls about 5 days. They are housed in a big homemade cage. Plenty of hiding areas. Seems like one is dominant over the other. Is it normal for one to be bossy over the other?
  10. RoseCarter

    New cavy girls

    Hello everyone. In new to the guniea pig world. Have liked them for several years and finally got two females. They are 4 months old and cute as ever. They are not very happy yet.My guess is it will take several weeks for them( and my two dogs) time to adjust. Any advice will be appreciated.