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  1. 1frankie7

    Keeping Cool Extreme heat- Need advice on keeping cool!

    Hello everyone, I'm not too active on the forum anymore but, due to extreme conditions(and the fact that I've always gotten the best advice on here) I'm back with questions! As of right now, my area(southeastern Canada) is undergoing some extreme heat(46 degrees! 114.8 in Fahrenheit!) and Im...
  2. 1frankie7

    Keeping Warm Extreme weather conditions- how to keep cavies warm?

    Hi everyone, I hope I put this in the right section of the forum, apologies if I didn't! There is a storm watch on my area(eastern Ontario) because of an extreme snowstorm and ice rain, I am extremely worried as last time this happened, the power was out for a long time. The ice rain is...
  3. 1frankie7

    Introductions Need help finding/introducing new pig.

    Hi everyone, I know I haven't posted in a long time, just as I've been too busy. But, as of yesterday my older pig(Jake, he was 4 or five) has passed. Though I'm devastated, I know I have too look out for Charles(his friend, who is about 1 1/2 or 2) and find him a new friend. Im not sure how...
  4. 1frankie7

    Dispisable cozies?

    Has anyone ever thought of disposable cozies? Like, they would be made of dollar store fleece stuffed with carefresh. You could just make a whole bunch at a time, and just throw them away every week or two? Am I crazy or does that sound like a good idea? :crazy:
  5. 1frankie7

    We wish you a merry christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! And those who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy holidays!! What'd you get? I got a new hair straightener, blow dryer, brushes, and stuff for the hair dryer, a necklace, boots(uggs!!!), a SUPER awesome hat/scarf set, an IOU for an online order from a site of...
  6. 1frankie7

    Nibbles has hairballs!!

    Nibbler is starting to get hairballs, we've had him 4 1/2 years(we got him at about 2-3 wks, he was abandoned in a forest) and he's just over 4 1/2 years old. He has had 2 hairballs over the past few months, once a while back and then they were gone for a long time so I didnt do...
  7. 1frankie7

    Blog Its my birthday!

    Its my birthday!! Sadly my presents come much closer to christmas, as me family lives really far away. So the only gift I have gotten so far is a necklace, from my little sister(which I know my mom bought). :) I will update on presents later ;).
  8. 1frankie7

    Blog Snow! And other random stuff.

    Hey guys! I have been a tad MIA lately because life is hectic, with classes(I love being bilingual, dont get me wrong, good skill, and in my part of canada french is essential to get a good job, but I hate my french classes(there are FIVE! On a daily basis, thats 4 1/2 hours of a language I...
  9. 1frankie7

    Cat question.

    How old is a kitten when it stops needing KMR(if it has no mother?) How would you introduce a young kitten to an older cat(5 weeks to a 5 year old)? What would be the best way to feed a young kitten(dry and canned, preferably)? Actually, an info on small kittens would be nice! Thanks!
  10. 1frankie7

    Blog First performance!!

    Ok, first of all. Today is rememberance day, I am making quite the effort this year to commemorate this day. I have written several letters, I have donated, I have poppies, and.... My choir is performing!! It sounds really geeky of me to be so exited, but its our first performance, and...
  11. 1frankie7

    Photos Pigs!! Together!

    I FINALLY got my camera software figured out(took hours, but hey, its figured out!) !! I have two pics I like of my boys together, I will add more when they do something picture worthy ;). Here is one right after intro's: And here is one at floortime!: I hope you enjoy the pigtures!
  12. 1frankie7

    Blog I love friday.

    I love friday! It is my favourite day of the week, mainly because I love all the classes I have, but hey! Its not supposed to be super cold today either! The snow is gone(YAY), so no more boots 'till later. But Im still wearing around my winter jacket, because its still seriously cold(there...
  13. 1frankie7

    Blog Snow. :(

    Of course, mother nature chose the absolute worst day in the year for it to snow. Halloween. The day that I am outdoors all night, and its -3 and snowing. Just great, considering my costume has no sleeves(Im going as a princess/goddess of nature, I look totally awesome, but I will freeze to...
  14. 1frankie7

    Blog Just a little random, pros/cons post.

    Ok! I have recently gone back to school, after being home schooled for five years as per dropping out in elementary school. I have joined a choir(I like to call it my own little glee :)), and not only have we been assigned a song for remembrance day, but we have also gotten a charity...
  15. 1frankie7

    Upper Levels Upper levels... Without zipties?

    Is it possible to build an upper level, without zip ties? I don't have an upper level at the moment, but I enjoy rebuilding my cage, and it is tons of work to un-do and re-do zipties, plus the guy at the hardware store gives me a weird look every time I buy $40 worth of zip ties. Especially...
  16. 1frankie7

    Hay This hay ok?

    OK, I found this local hay at a small pet shop(non animal selling, adopts out/rehomes small animals), and its pretty cheap($7 for 3.3 lbs) and its SUPER soft, it must be third cut, there is no seedheads, or stems in the bag so far, the pigs arent insane for it, but I have some 2nd cut timothy...
  17. 1frankie7

    Blog Happy october!!

    Happy october everyone! I have many plans for this month, goals to meet. One of them is to clean my room! My pigs cage is very clean, but my own junk is all over the place! Also, I will be running a marathon on tuesday(the 5th), to support cancer research. Im hoping it will be a...
  18. 1frankie7

    Behavior How high can the average pig jump?

    charles is starting to scare me, very much. This morning I was giving them some hay, and I got the bag, and had it on my lap(I was sitting next to the cage) and charles literally jumped over the grids, and onto the floor near me. He is part bird, or rabbit, I don't know but its freaking me...
  19. 1frankie7

    Shavings Kiln dried cedar?

    I was buying some shavings(kiln dried pine) at my not so local pet supply store and I saw that they had kiln dried cedar. Can I use kiln dried cedar? Is it still dangerous? TIA!
  20. 1frankie7

    Bedding Got rid of fleece.

    I have gotten rid of my fleece, mainly because cleaning it takes too long. I am very busy most days and I would rather spend that time giving floortime, and cuddles than cleaning. I never noticed before, but now my bedroom doesn't smell so, poopy, it doesn't smell like anything now! I was...