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  1. CallieLovesPigs

    Sick Polka's Medical Thread

    Hey guys! I know I haven't been on in a while, but I decided to tell you about my guinea pig Polka's recent medical issues. Nothing is for certain, she is at the vet right now with my mom, I couldn't go because I was at school when they left. So, it started last night (Tuesday) when I was...
  2. CallieLovesPigs

    C&C Cage Plans-Are they OK? -Sketches included-

    Hi everybody! So, I am totally taking my cage remodeling super slowly. I just want everything to work!!! I've done some final sketches on my cage plans. I will have a 3x6 with a 2x2 add on, with 2 lofts, a 1x2 and a 2x2. So the 2x2 will be used as a kitchen, so should I use the 1x2 as a kitchen...
  3. CallieLovesPigs

    C&C Cage doors with grids?!

    Hi! So...On my rabbit cage I have to remove 2 grids to let her out. I want to find a way to keep the grids straight, because if I just zip-tie them together, obviously they flop over each other. Is there a kind of support bar I could get? Also..Is there a kind of hinge and latch so I could swing...
  4. CallieLovesPigs

    Adopting Having trouble finding adoptable pigs? -And Updates-

    Hi everyone! So, I'm adopting 2-3 more guinea pigs, and expanding my cage to a 3x6 with a 2x2 loft/kitchen. Also a 2x2 add-on and a 1x2 loft in the add-on. It's a little confusing, LOL. But, in my state we have at most 5 shelters, one or two that are in drive-able distance from me. They had a...
  5. CallieLovesPigs

    Fleece Liner Help!

    Hullo all! So, I am trying to sew fleece liners for a 3x6. So, before I even tried, I decided to start with practice ones for my 2x6. So I bought some cheap Walmart fleece and some U-haul pads for like $3 off Ebay. I measured, sewed, and I made about 3. And I can't figure out what I did wrong...
  6. CallieLovesPigs

    Joy Updates on new cage and bigger herd! And Questions!

    Hello all! So, as some of you may know, I am expanding my 2x6 with a 2x2 loft to a 3x6 with a 2x2 L-shaped expansion. I will also be keeping the 2x2 loft and possibly adding another 1x2 loft. So, I am slowly getting the supplies I need. I am stocking up on large fleece pieces, lots of towels...
  7. CallieLovesPigs

    C&C Need new cage ideas?

    Hello all! So...I currently house 2 pigs in a 2x6 with a 2x2 loft (used as a kitchen). I might be adopting 2-3 new sows in the next month. It's just a possibility. So, I have been wanting to expand a bit. Since I have got a new bunny cage, I have less room in the area where I keep my pets...
  8. CallieLovesPigs

    Eyes/Non-crusty Eye 'goop'?????

    So, this after noon during bath time, I noticed that Dot had some goop around her right eye. My phone won't let me upload a picture, but I will try again later. it was not crusty, just like that goop you get in the morning when you wake up. Otherwise, she is fine. She is eating and acting just...
  9. CallieLovesPigs

    Hamster Updates

    Hello all! As some of you may know, My dwarf hamster passed away recently. She was fairly old, but it was a very sudden death. She was fine as always one day, and dead the next. So this did get me a bit worried that I was carrying some disease or there was some thing in my house. I know, I...
  10. CallieLovesPigs

    Rant: Bad Petsitter Problems! >:(

    Ok, so this post will pretty much just be a rant. Anyway, A couple weeks ago I went on a 10 day vacation with my family to Canada. Obviously, we needed someone to care for our pets, so we called one of my Mom's friends who had taken care of our pets before and was wonderful. She came over, and...
  11. CallieLovesPigs

    Joy Hello everyone, I'm back! :)

    Hello all! How long has it actually been, I don't know, maybe forever! I have just been so busy recently, October and November are busy months for me! I have had so much school work, plus Drama Club, Jazz Band, Family Consumer Science Club, and Student Council, my school schedule has been...
  12. CallieLovesPigs

    Treats What do I do with treats I don't want?

    Hello all! So, I have a bunch of treats that I found while organizing, and I really don't remember buying them. But they are all like seed treats and such that I'm not going to use. So what could I do with them? Should I just throw them away or can I use them for something else? I feel bad...
  13. CallieLovesPigs

    Fleece New fleece!! :)

    This is the new fleece I got at Joann's for my bunny's big new C&C cage I will be getting soon...
  14. CallieLovesPigs

    Fresh Food Mini fridges for veggies??

    Hello everybody! So, currently I keep all of my veggies in my basement mini fridge, which makes it a pain to go downstairs every morning and night to get veggies for all of the pets. I have been thinking of a mini fridge for my room for a while, but I have a couple questions first. •Where...
  15. CallieLovesPigs

    Water Water and water bottles?

    Hello all! So, I was just wondering, what water bottles do you use? Or do you use a water bowl? Also, where do you get your water? I have two 22 oz. glass Super Pet water bottles because I find they don't leak as much as the plastic ones do. I use filtered water from a pitcher that has a filter...
  16. CallieLovesPigs

    Photos Lap time pigtures!!

  17. CallieLovesPigs

    Fleece What to do with extra fleece and coroplast?

    So, I have three long rectangles of coroplast, a small amount of fleece, and two U-haul pads left over from cage renovation. Me being 13, don't have a job or anything, so I can't sadly get many things for the pigs. My mom will buy hay, food, veggies, etc, and the occasional hidey and things. I...
  18. CallieLovesPigs

    Neutering/Spaying Should I consider it?

    Hello! I have thought about getting my pigs spayed before, but have never seriously considered it. My pigs will be turning 2 this October, so is that too old? My family will not be able to afford it immediately, we have to pay for the pigs, the cat, and the dog's vet, but maybe once my mom...
  19. CallieLovesPigs

    Vet Pig getting vet visit!!!!! :)

    Welp, today was it! The day I made the appointment for my guinea pigs' FIRST ever trip to the vet!!! We went to take my cat, Caramel, to the vet, because we thought he had gotten in a fight with another cat and had some swelling on the side of his face. He was fine, by the way, the vet gave him...
  20. CallieLovesPigs

    Fleece Smelly fleece??

    Hi all! So, I was my fleece flippers every 10 days, and spot clean once or twice a day. When I wash the fleece and Uhaul pads, I use about 2 capfuls of Tide Free and Gentle, some vinegar, and some baking soda. I run everything through a long hot wash, and then do a short cold wash then I dry on...