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  1. jjpk8

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Newbie wanting some information

    If you live in the upstate NY area, I have guinea pigs available for adoption. My website is www.ocgpr.blogspot.com. I know rescues are few and far between, so if you're not near me definitely check out Petfinder. Good luck! (You may also want to check out Craigslist in your area for people...
  2. jjpk8

    Adopt from shelter or person?

    Awesome..I'm glad they're getting along as it can be hard to place males together, even with the age difference.
  3. jjpk8

    Comment by 'jjpk8' in media 'Dipstick'

    What beautiful markings! Never seen anything like it.
  4. Frosted


    This is Frosted, my HUSBAND'S guinea pig! This is the only one he fell in love with, so I am not allowed to adopt him out!
  5. jjpk8

    Adopt vs. Buy Adopted (yes, adopted) from PetSmart

    Just imagine if every adult in America saved the life of one animal. I realize that will probably never happen; it seems like the dedicated few are trying to save as many as we can, and the situation is getting worse before (hopefully) it gets better...but just THINK of the impact that would...
  6. jjpk8

    Adopt vs. Buy Adopted (yes, adopted) from PetSmart

    I haven't read this entire thread as it's so long, but I wanted to add one of my own experiences. When I started my guinea pig rescue, I was warned about a "breeder" in the city of Syracuse..she would basically answer ads for female guinea pigs being given away, then breed them and resell the...
  7. jjpk8

    Ratties Rat rescues in [upstate] ny?

    Re: Rat rescue/ocgpr/Duff Hi there..I see someone is interested in adopting Duff..he has actually NOT been adopted yet! He is very much available..I was going to trade him with someone who has a "biter," but she decided to keep her piggie and try to work with him, which is fine with me..but...
  8. jjpk8

    Ratties Rat rescues in [upstate] ny?

    Hi there! Jen from Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue..I just registered and saw the comments about a rat rescue. I started out taking in rats, but ended up getting overwhelmed by guinea pigs..I'm down to three VERY old rats right now! However, there are a couple places that do rat rescue; one...