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  1. wickedrodent

    Hello from Wicked!

    Hi guys! A coworker was showing me a picture of her sister's new "baby!" (aka, poorly cared for guinea pig), so I directed her to some pictures of C&C cages & food charts. Naturally, I immediately thought of this site so I thought I would pop in and say hello to those of you who might remember me!
  2. wickedrodent

    Another Wicked Update =)

    Hey guys! It's been awhile, again. Since I last posted, I've gotten married (August 4th), hubby and I bought a house, and we've had some pet changes. Right now we have 4 rats (three of which we just rescued tonight), 2 ferrets, 1 hamster, 1 turtle, and quite a few bettas. Here are some house...
  3. wickedrodent

    Veg*n High Cholesterol?

    I'm a 21 year old female and I've been a vegetarian for nearly five years. Yesterday, after a routine blood test, I found out that I have high cholesterol. Since the Dr's assistant called while I was at work, I didn't really have a chance to explain my predicament and get recommendations. I...
  4. wickedrodent

    5 years and I keep coming back!

    Hello there! I don't know if anyone here will still remember me. I used to be a REALLY active member years ago. I think I joined back in 2006 or so when I was still researching pigs. I finally got pigs and loved having them but sadly developed a severe hay allergy and had to re-home them. I...
  5. wickedrodent

    Rock and a Hard Place

    I'm going to try and make this as short as possible, but I have to vent. I need people who think and feel the way I do and can relate to give me some help and advice. Some of you may have read about the guinea pig I fostered. My fiance's sister got it for her two year old, took horrible care...
  6. wickedrodent

    C&C Alternatives Garage/Porch - Petstore/C&C

    SO. If you saw the adoptable disscusion, you'll know what's going on. If not, I'll recap a bit. My future sister in law was going to release her GP outside. So I'm stepping in, taking her, and going to try and rehome her. I'm allergic to the hay; I can't keep her inside. Hopefully I'll get her...
  7. wickedrodent

    Male pig for adoption near Houston Texas

    Sigh. So. My future sister and law got a guinea pig when she still lived with her husband for her 3 year old. Now they have moved out and no one wants her. They keep joking about letting her loose in the wild, so needless to say, I'm worried. Any help would be appreciated. She's in a tiny...
  8. wickedrodent

    My Wedding! (I bought my dress!)

    Hey guys! I haven't been on in a while - but last time I was on I promised to come on here and let everyone know when I got engaged/married and all that jazz. I knew it was going to happen - I just didn't know when! LOL My fiance and I have been together since October 29th, 2009 and we got...
  9. wickedrodent

    Juggling 8 Hamsters

    Pandora has 6 babies. They're 8 days old today. I had gotten my first hamster, Houdini, after my last rattie passed away. Then my lovely fiance got me my second hamster, Pandora, as a christmas present. She popped out the babies on January 3rd. Not intentional. She was pregnant when we got her...
  10. wickedrodent

    Hamster Babies - Texas!

    Cross posting from goosemoose. My lovely Christmas present, Pandora, decided to pop out babies either last night or today. We saw at least half a dozen little eepers. I'm going to be needing to find GOOD homes for them. Please contact me if you're interested. No idea who that papa hamster was...
  11. wickedrodent

    Shadow's Journey

    Hi there, everyone! Some of you might remember me. I no longer have guinea pigs, which is why my activity on here has drastically dropped over the last couple of years [I used to be suppper active] Anyhow, this site still holds a major place in my heart since I did spend so much time here...
  12. wickedrodent

    Another Update From WR

    For those who remember me.. Really late double update? Lyric passed away 12/8/09 after a quite.. stressful life. He went quietly in his sleep. I still feel quite bad about not having been with him when he went. I had been fighting strep that entire week and having to bury him really put me...
  13. wickedrodent

    Sneak Peak of my Novel

    I've been asked to be more active here, and I really do miss a lot of the people whom I used to know.. I've actually already posted this somewhere else, on another site, but thought I'd ask for opinions here as well. (= --------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  14. wickedrodent

    Ugh. I fail. I fell in love with a kitty.

    So.. I'm planning to get a cat. I have made a deal with my grandmother that I will wait to get one until my 20th birthday [May 2010]. Since I live with them, it has to go through them as well. Plus it would give me time to get everything all settled 100%. I stopped by pet-not-so-smart today to...
  15. wickedrodent

    G-Force; Disney movie.

    Has anyone seen the advertise for the movie, g-force? Guinea pig spys who end up in a petstore? I fear this will end up like what happened after ratatouli. Loads of guinea pigs being adopted and then dumped into shelters. I feel like writing a nasty letter to Disney. In fact, I think I will.
  16. wickedrodent

    An Update from WR

    Well, I didn't really think anyone remembered me but I got two Happy Birthday wishes (Thanks!) and thought I'd come and update. :) My menagerie of pets and I are all doing well. Jypsy and Lady (Dogs), Poseidon (Betta), Peaches (Cockatiel), Jasper, Jynx, Lyric, Maslyn, and Magic (Rats). Erm...
  17. wickedrodent

    Urgent-- Conroe (Houston area), Texas -- Cat in need.

    I have no idea if anyone here remembers me. I was a very active member a while ago until I developed a severe allergy to the hay that I fed my pigs and was forced to rehome them. Anyhow... I'm in Conroe, Texas and have taken in a VERY pregnant and VERY friendly stray cat. The problem is that I...
  18. wickedrodent

    Ratties Rats for adoption; Florida to Texas and (?) Farther West (?)

    First off: Goosemoose Pet Portal - The Great Atlantic Rat Rescue There is where it all started. You can read up on that to get a little more information. Here is their website: Adoptable Rats in the FL Panhandle - Home --- The rats are in the panhandle of FL with the people who rescued...
  19. wickedrodent

    AR Pamplets?

    I don't know if I have posted this here, or not. I'm going to be going as a "protestor" for Halloween. It'll be an awesome costume, and advocasy at the same time. I'm making signs, and going to be handing out pamplets. I have a ton of Vegetarian and Vegan ones (ordering them), but cannot find...
  20. wickedrodent

    Hurricane Ike

    Once again, a hurricane has formed... This time directly pointed at the Houston area... I've gotten a hold of most of my family who are south of Houston and I think they all have/will get out. We are North of Houston and we aren't going anywhere.. It's unlikely we will flood since our house is...